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By Kickntrue on 10/24/06
Some of our more frequent visitors may notice some changes we've made around the site in the last couple weeks, but we wanted to point one out in particular. We have comments!

You can find them on almost all of our pages now. You can comment on these dumb posts I make. You can comment on course pages. You can also leave comments on your friends "My Game" page as well as your own.

Check it out- and use them frequently. You comments to our posts are what makes the site fun and worth doing for us.

While you're at it- go to your "My Game" page and under "Actions" and click on "Change Picture" on the left hand sidebar. Upload a picture of yourself or something funny- so we can laugh at you.

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psche00 says:
Nope... NOW we have comments
klangdon says:
For a while there, I thought nobody was going to comment on the comments...
Kickntrue says:
pscheck= stephen a smith?
falcon50driver says:
I'm so poor I can't pay attention, or buy a newspaper so I read stuff on the web, I guess you get what you pay for.
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