Addict Giveaway: Mizuno MP-69 Irons
By mustang6560 on 2/8/12

Are you an oobgolf Addict?

If so, great! You are automatically entered to win an $899.99 set of Mizuno MP-69 irons in this month's Addict Giveaway. If not, you better join Addict soon. Otherwise, you'll be left wondering why you didn't win come March. I had a chance to hit the MP-69s (read my review here) and they were beyond amazing! There is not a better feeling in golf than hitting a forged Mizuno iron on the sweet spot!

From Mizuno:
The new MP-69, the next iconic Mizuno Muscle Back iron, was created by blending our PGA Tour Staff input with the latest state of the art design and simulation tools. This iron is the perfect balance of Grain Flow Forged feel and unmatched workability. The MP-69 irons feature our newly developed 4D Muscle design. A strategic weighting strategy from 3 iron through PW ensures ideal COG placement in every iron throughout the set to deliver total ball control and a predictable trajectory.
As always, all current Addict and Addict+ users are automatically entered to win. If you are not an Addict, join today for a chance to win the MP-69s! For only $10 a year, you get a ton of additional stats to track, the ability to edit courses, the opportunity to support oobgolf AND the ability to win free gear. Why haven't you signed up yet?

The giveaway ends Sunday, March 11, 2012 so you have until then to join Addict for a chance to win. If you've considered joining before, now is as good of a time as ever.

** Giveaway is open to all legal US residents 18 years or older. No purchase necessary. To enter with no purchase please fill out this survey and mail to: oobgolf, addict giveaway, 274 Commerce Park Drive, Suite M, Ridgeland, MS 39157. All entries must be postmarked by February 21, 2012. A winner will be announced the week of March 11, 2012 on The winner will have 30 days to claim the prize. If the prize is not claimed within 30 days, the winner will forfeit the prize. Tax expenses are not included. You have the right to refuse the prize. In case of prize refusal a series of new entrants will be picked until the prize is accepted. Odds of winning based on number of Addicts and mail entries. Void where prohibited. For a list of winners, click here.

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Duke of Hazards says:
those look super cool. i want them
TeT says:
Copy paste monster strikes again....
mustang6560 says:
bkuehn1952 says:
Drool, drool, drool, ...
dartboss04 says:
you should have "lost" those somewhere nate...
dottomm says:
Give Me Give Me Give Me. I need some. I need some. I need some.
No. But seriously. I like my Wilson Staff irons (seriously) but I think I'm ready for an upgrade and these are the sticks I'm looking at.
Kurt the Knife says:
i could use those. Got a lot of chihuahas around here.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
@Kurt...Haha! Good one!
Jattruia says:
Wow, best giveaway yet.
legitimatebeef says:
Pretty sweet looking sticks, I can't wait.
Panerai111 says:
!!! Want!
GolfSmith7 says:
What are the odds? My birthday is in March does that raise the odds? lol
GolfSmith7 says:
Also can I get them in KBS stiff shaft, thanks! Dare to dream.
homermania says:
These look like they will help with ball striking and keeping a threesome off your ass.
golfdude528 says:
My MP63's will be pissed when these go in my bag!!!!
KeithH says:
Awesome giveaway!
mmontisano says:
can i finally win something please?
Mandelbaum! says:
I'd hate to be on Mizuno's design team; it's going to be hard to top these beauties.
larrynjr says:
OK, I bit the bullet and am now a addict, when do my clubs arrive?
Agustin says:
D Hall says:
Kurt the Knife says:
c'mon man, gotta win.
These Chihuahuas is multiplyin'
par420 says:
It would be a great break for Pennsafety to win that awesome set of clubs. He is struggling with his new set of titleist last year. Ever since he won the dog cover for his clubs in the addict giveaway he hasn't been the same.
Duffer 83 says:
How about this when you give me these and I'll do a second giveaway for the clubs I have now?
TheTitleistMan says:
The link to the survey to fill out and send in is for Bridgestone J36 irons from 2009. Do we just send that in to you?
Matt Otskey says:
Absolutely TREMENDOUS clubs. That is all I can say about them. Mizuno is by far in my mind the best iron company in the game.
preny says:
Hitting it solid with these is why golf is so addictive. Even a perfect drive can't compare to the feel of crisp Mizuno blade contact.
wordent says:
Never hit mizuno irons. Nows a perfect time to start!
jerdman says:
anxiously awaiting to hear the winner.....
larrynjr says:
still waiting to be notified that i won.............
larrynjr says:
"A winner will be announced the week of March 11, 2012 on"

I think we missed that window. Clubs default to me!
larrynjr says:
Sooooooooooooo, who won?
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