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By Kickntrue on 4/9/07
We need your help to market oobgolf. We are in the process of expanding our marketing efforts and you can be a part of that- and get something free in the process.

Here's how it works. Download our .PDF Flyer and print a couple out. Take the flyers to your course and favorite golf shops and ask to put them up. Email me a picture of you putting up the flyer- and we'll send you an oobgolf hat.

Email me your pictures at andrew@oobgolf.com

Link To Flyer

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jdaly says:
Sounds like a great idea!
svj says:
hey you guys should start a myspace site or a myspace group, telling everyone to go to this site. i will put the flier on a couple of groups on there.
Kickntrue says:
svj- already there. Check us out at www.myspace.com/oobgolf
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