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By Kickntrue on 5/3/07
A couple weeks ago- I told you how you could get a free oobgolf hat by being part of the oobgolf Street Team. A couple people have taken us up on our offer to be photgraphed spreading the word of oob- and for their efforts they will be receiving some sweet oobgolf hats. The offer is still on the table for anyone who wants to secure their coolness by passing our flyer around their local area. Just snap a picture and send it to me.

Email me your pictures at andrew@oobgolf.com

Link To Flyer

I must share our favorite pictures we found in our inbox. Looks like users Josh Ives and John Daly decided to be creative. Daly- you will get a hat for creativity (and because your name really is John Daly), but it was borderline- because of your blatent disregaurd for good photoshopping. Hats for effort though!

Now before we get to the pictures- I'm going to get on my soapbox and I don't do this much so bear with me.

oobgolf.com is much more fun if you have friends using the site with you. Ask a user like Ives about this. He found our site and there are at least 10-15 users we can directly connect back to him. We see this all over with people entering scores on the same courses on the same days. Cleary you guys are telling friends about the site and that's AWESOME!

We are working on a lot of great things for the site that will be rolling out in the next couple of months. TELL your friends to get on board with you. Invite a friend to the site today- MAKE them sign up and get their scores entered. When we start rolling out some of our new features- they will already want to be connected- I promise.

Enjoy the pics.

Very Nice
Josh Ives

What the heck?
John Daly

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Josh says:
In the interest of giving credit where credit is due.. JD actually told me about the site, then as usual I went over the top. Plus since I'm a much bigger prick than JD is I have less of a problem bugging people until they sign up.
volleyhart says:
That doesn't look like the John Daly I know ...
falcon50driver says:
The only athlete I know who can burn a hole in the back of his shirt when playing the game.
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