New Features- plus a small bug fixed!
By klangdon on 10/27/06
Handicap Bug Fix
Handicap Differentials are always based on 18 holes of data. So standard practice is to take 2 nine hole scores and combine them. This means you add the two score ratings and average the score slopes. We were incorrectly averaging the slopes. Oops and yes I was a Math major in college. Everyone this affects will see a better handicap the next time they login, so all is good...

Play 18 holes on a 9-hole Course!
Prior to today it was not possible to do this. Now if you tell us you want to input 18 holes of data and then select a 9 hole course the system will automatically assume that you want to play the course twice and allow you to do so...

Handicap Index on Development Chart!
You should now see 3 lines on all of your development charts, Gross Score, Net Score, and Handicap. This is pretty straightforward and makes the chart more readable. The handicap is the orange line. Hopefully its trending down for most of you...

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Kickntrue says:
My Handicap went from a 22 to a 20 something. I'm not about to go knocking on Tiger's door anytime soon- but still... I feel MUCH better about being a 20 handicap than a 22.
barn says:
what happens if your handicap is lower than 0 ??
we have several players in our group that are plus handicaps.. that means that if they play a player who is a 0 the 0 would be getting strokes.. I could not find a place to enter this type of handicap ??

please help
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