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By Kickntrue on 5/30/07
It's been awhile since we've had a good site update- but this is worth it. Check out our new Beta oobgolf Course Finder. We still have more improvements to come- but it is already VERY fun to play with, and very functional for finding a course to play or to just stare at the sweet Mapquest satellite images.

Course Finder

*My Top 5 Favorite Uses (so far)**
1) Find new courses to play
2) Seeing how close I actually live to famous courses
3) Zooming in with Satellite imaging over courses I've played
4) Zooming in with Satellite imaging over my house
5) Finding Courses with "Deer" in their name (there are too many to count)

If you have any questions, comments, feedback or suggestions.. let us know.

Hope you enjoy!

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dml138 says:
This is easily the best golf course finder on the internet. Nice work guys.
volleyhart says:
Awesome, awesome service. Found a couple of courses within 30 miles of me that I hadn't even heard of, so I will be playing hooky here very soon. Congrats guys - oobgolf is on it's way to complete world domination.
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