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By Kickntrue on 7/9/07
oobgolf is proud to announce (and show off) our official launch of our oobgolf Course Finder (Find It Here).

We mentioned the Course Finder on the site about a month ago- but we have worked through some of the bugs of our first release and we now have a feature that rivals any golf course search method available. Just one note- the feature will be much better for those on broadband connections. If you're on dial-up, you're going to have some trouble.

Here are some things you will be able to do with the oobgolf Course Finder:

* Search by golf course name
* Search geographically using city, state or zip code
* Narrow down results by using filters that including searching by architect, price range, course difficulty and oobgolf user rating
* Display all the courses you've played and entered into
* Get printable directions from any location to a course
* See aerial photographs of favorite golf courses (or your house!)

We are excited to hear your feedback on the Course Finder and will continue to tweak the feature as necessary. Now that we have the Course Finder functional- we can tell you about some exciting things to look forward to on the site in the coming weeks.

* Completely revamped "My Game" pages including deeper profiling including what clubs are in your bag
* New Graphs and Advanced Stat Tracking
* Easier friend adding and tracking functionality
* "Groups." More to come on this soon- but basically it will allow you to join and create groups that have their own leaderboards and score tracking for more competition with friends and colleagues
* Email A Friend feature to let you invite and add more friends
easily to your oobgolf community

We hope you enjoy the site! Any and all feedback is welcome. If there is anything we can do to make your experience more enjoyable- email us (


oobgolf Staff

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