A separate friends page showing login details.
Friends Improvement & Some Bugs Fixed
By Kickntrue on 8/10/07
Here is a complete breakdown of our latest update:


1) You can now request someone to be your friend with a click on the "Add to friends" link right below the person's avitar on their "my game" page. You can find that in the upper left of the screen.

2) When you receive a friend request you will now see a notification when you log in. That notification will appear on the top right of your "my game" page.

3) A separate "Friends" page can be accessed on the "my game" page from the left side options. The friends page shows last login as well as the ability to choose to have scores from your friends emailed to you so you never miss a round that your friends play. When a friend enters a round you will know- so you can call and harass them endlessly.

4) At the bottom of your "my game" page you can see the names and icons of the last 10 friends to login. That will give you quick access to their page.


1) You now have the ability to delete comments from your "my game" page. Simply click the "x" beside a comment you want to delete and it will be gone forever.

2) We found a bug that was affecting the Adjusted Scoring Average numbers. The average was being calculated for ALL of a golfers scores instead of only the 20 most recent. That formula should now be correct.

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volleyhart says:
Looks good, guys. Thanks for putting this in, great idea.
jdaly says:
yeah, great job guys, keep it up! I like the friends score notification, very cool!
golf_ejr says:
Very cool site overall, I just Signed-up and will refer some friends to join... It would be fantastic if more stats can be added, keep the great job!!!
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