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By klangdon on 11/8/06
Tired of bringing your scorecards home? Use your cell phone to enter your scores as you walk off each green. Here are some of the benefits that this new service will bring:
  • No Scorecards - Or at least no more bringing them home. Now you can spend your time on oobgolf website evaluating your and your friends game, instead of entering scores.
  • More Detailed Tracking - Tracking on the course makes it easier to track things like penalty strokes, putts, etc that you normally don't write on a scorecard.
  • Hole Stats - When you approach the tee you will be provided with stats like most common club from tee, oobgolf averages, past scores and club used, etc. Allowing you to make better decisions on the course.
  • Live Scoring - While you are entering hole-by-hole your friends can watch your round develop from work.
This has been a work in progress for a while now and we believe it is now stable enough to bring in beta users. There are thousands of different wireless devices out there and we can't afford to buy and test on all of them. We have now tested using new Nokias, Motorola Q, Blackberry, Motorola Razr, and an Ericson.

Using should be pretty simple, there is NOTHING to download or install. Point your wireless device browser at On most phones/pdas this is accessed from a "Go To URL" option. If you don't have a unlimited data included on your wireless plan you can still use this, however you will be charged by your carrier (usually very minimal fees). Once on the site, just login and start entering your scores.

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