The Most Special American Holiday
Today’s post isn’t about golf at all – it’s about the great country that we live in and how a small handful of gallant and brave men put it all on the line to create the most successful form of government ever devised. I am always moved by stories of Washington, Adams, et al, who could have paid the king the taxes that were levied and just kept on creating their fortunes. But a higher calling for true freedom inspired them to put it all on the line for independence.

The story is rather unimaginable, if you think about it. An unorganized collection of colonies band together and take on the most powerful military organization on the planet . . . and win their independence. No matter what challenges you face, that inspiring story has to move you.

As we watch our current events unfold, no one knows where this country is headed. No matter what your politics, however, there is a big difference between loving your country and respecting your government. They are not the same thing. I’m not going to get into personal political leanings – this is not the time or place. I only am going to ask that we all take time this weekend to be a little introspective, and imagine what our lives would be like had we been born or live anywhere else on the planet. With all our challenges currently faced, the United States of America is the finest place to live ever created, and remains that way today.

So all I ask is that you take a few minutes this weekend, between all the fireworks, picnics, fun and frolic, and pay special tribute in prayer or thought to those brave men who pledged their fortunes, their futures and their very lives so this idea of personal liberty could have a chance to take hold. They didn’t just give birth to what would become the most successful, productive, creative and generous society ever on earth, but they gave hope to every human to come after them that there was a better way to live.

Happy Fourth of July, friends, and may God bless all of you in whatever you do this weekend, and beyond.
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Howzit says:
Semper Fi!
bducharm says:
Freedom is NOT free!!! I am retired from the US Air Force and VERY proud of it. Thanks to all my fellow servicemen and women here and around the world!!! God Bless the USA!!!
JWHpurist says:
"The Land Of The Free & Home Of The Brave" was created and is maintained by "Those who have been there, done that, and paid the price"! It is important to thank and respect all the individauals who have involved themselves in that endeavor on a continuing basis!! JWHpurist
mjaber says:
I've started an annual 4some with a couple friends. One of them served during Desert Storm. I make it a point to thank him every year.
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