Happy Birthday To Me!
Yesterday was my birthday, oobers, and I spent it in San Diego on a business trip, rather than with my loved ones. I hate it when that happens.

In my youth, my Mom and Dad made a big deal out of birthdays, and one of our traditions was that on your birthday you got to choose the dinner menu. Mom now tells me that we had some pretty strange dinners back then, but that was the deal, so she accommodated. Her 89th birthday is a few weeks from now, and I think often about how fortunate and blessed I am to still have her with me. And that she is in great health and is as sharp mentally as ever.

So, since I really didn’t have my birthday party yesterday, I spent a little time last night reflecting on all the wonderful gifts I have received. The more I thought, the longer the list got. Darn I’m lucky to have the life I do. Here are a few of the gifts that I’m really thankful for:
1. I have an awesome family and wouldn’t trade my childhood for anything in the world. I often tell people that I grew up with Ozzie and Harriet in Mayberry. Those of you under 40 might not have a clue what that means, but to my fellow “boomers”, you certainly do, right? We rode our bikes all over that little South Texas town, and had too many adventures to count. The world was small, as I look back, but it was huge for me.

2. I have made so many great friends, and so many interesting acquaintances over the years . . . .wow, it boggles my mind. I am eternally grateful for all of you. When it’s all coming to an end, and the days are numbered, friends and family will be what I am most grateful for.

3. I’ve gotten to make a living in the golf business for nearly 30 years. Another “wow”. How lucky is that? I’ve been a marketing/advertising consultant, product developer, golf club company owner and president, and I really love to write this blog every week.

4. And I’m healthy!!! Sure, this old 58-year-old body is getting a little creaky, but it works like it’s supposed to most of the time. And I still get to play golf, hunt, fish and dance with my Sweetie.

5. And in the last year of my life, I’ve finally found the most true love I’ve ever known, and wedding bells are in our plans for 2010. We’re not sure when exactly, as we have some logistics to solve, but when we do it will be the happiest day of my life.
So, Happy Birthday to Me, oobers, and I look forward to much more interaction with you guys and gals as we go forward. Now I have to get on this airplane in San Diego and head back home to my wonderful life.

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Kickntrue says:
All of these are great- but congrats on #5 especially!
bducharm says:
Terry, Happy Belated Birthday!!! And congratulations on your impending nuptials!!!
TravisMiller says:
Happy Birthday Terry and congrats on the soon to be wedding. As a gift I would like to give you an Eidolon Wedge so make sure you pick yourself a good one...ha ha I crack myself up.

All joking aside, we appreciate what you do for us with your columns.
Agustin says:
¡Feliz Cumpleaños! :)
Backquak says:
Happy Birthday Terry!!!
Kurt the Knife says:
cheers, mate.
Clint24 says:
Happy Birthday Terry! Mine's Saturday, and I'm stuck working....
Matt F says:
Happy birthday Terry!!
stevepaint says:
happy birthday terry can you tell me if the golfcard app works in the uk pls
Panerai111 says:
Happy Birthday!
dooboo says:
little late, but happy Birthday T!!!
Torleif Sorenson says:
Mazel tov!
jeremyheslop says:
Happy belated birthday! Mine was on the 9th so happy birthday month :)
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