A Wedge By Any Other Name
I write this column every Tuesday in response to a question from a reader – and give away a FREE EIDOLON V-SOLE wedge – but today I’ve decided to change things up a bit and ask you guys and ladies a few questions of my own. Don’t worry, I’m still going to give away an EIDOLON wedge this week, and I’ll tell you at the end how to give yourself a chance to win it. But for now, TheWedgeGuy has a survey of sorts that I’d like to invite all of you to chime in on, if you wouldn’t mind helping me understand a little more about how things are out there in your world.

1. What’s it called? Almost every golfer carries three or four wedges that generally fall into the categories of Pitching, Gap, Sand or Lob, right? But almost all wedges on the market today have a number on them indicating loft; I haven’t see a wedge with and “S” or “G” or “L” on it in ages. So here are my first few questions:
  • When you hit a wedge shot and your buddy asks what you hit, how do you reply?

  • If you are shopping for wedges, do you shop by number or name?

  • How do you determine what loft numbers you want to have in your bag?

2. How & when do you use it? Facing the dozen or more wedge shots in a round of golf can get confusing. I’m assuming each of you has a system or method of choosing the right one for the shot at hand. So here is my next batch of questions.
  • Do you use your “P club” for anything but full swing shots?

  • Do you have a “go to” wedge for most greenside shots, or do you vary that based on the shot at hand?

  • Which one of your wedges gets the most use? The least?
3. Do they match? Most of us put together our sets of 14 clubs in a somewhat random fashion – driver here, fairway woods there, hybrids, irons, wedges and putter. Most bags I observe have at least 2-3 brands represented, with as many as 4-5 different models of clubs/shafts/grips.
  • Do your wedges all match each other?

  • Do your wedges have anything in common with your irons? Same brand, shaft, flex, etc?

  • Do your hybrids match your fairway woods and/or your irons?
Thanks for giving me your thoughts on these subjects. I’m looking forward to the dialog. And the more the better, so I’ll make this deal with you. For each twenty responders to this column over the next week, I’ll give away a FREE EIDOLON V-SOLE wedge to one of them. I have written some columns that have received over 200 comments, so if we get there, I’ll be giving away 20 FREE wedges. Please understand I want as many of you to chime in as possible, and while I always enjoy reading the dialog between you, I’ll only be counting unique responders/contributors, OK?

Thanks for playing along and I look forward to hearing from all of you on this one.
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carv712 says:
I always refer to the club name, "gap", "Sand" etc when referring to clubs - I don't think I've ever once said, "did you just hit your 56 degree wedge for that shot or the 52 degree?" For me a gap wedge means 51 - 54 degrees of loft and sand wedge would be 55 - 58, Lob would be 60+

I have a 52* Watson Gap wedge, a 56* RAC and 46* P wedge from Taylormade (not from the same sets) But the sand wedge is my go to club - 105 yards and in its the sand wedge all the way unless I have an uphill lie around the green that typically causes me to chunk it, then its the PW.

I've had the same set of irons for several years now and my only set prior to that was a RAM complete set from Kmart for like $90.00. I don't have the experience to tell the differences in steel shafts from one flex to the next. Does it really make that much difference in irons and wedges?
TeT says:
1) •I catagorize my wedges by loft
•I shop by loft regardless of whether it has an "S" or a 54° stamped on it..
•I start with the highest number I am comfortable with (58°) and space them
down to my P ie.. 58 54 50 47 for the P (not perfect but works for me)

2) •I use the P for bumps anywhere inside of 100 yds but swith to the 9i inside of 25 yds
•Goto wedge is the 54°
•54° most, 50° least (turned into a full shot only club for me)

3) •Wedges all match
•same maker and shafts match the irons shafts
•Hybrids match my woods and driver in shaft but are a different maker from both irons and woods
nickmomrik says:
Depends on who I'm playing with. If they play similar yardages to me I'll refer to the club and if not, the distance. If I was shopping for wedges I would shop by the loft. I try to have a good spacing of lofts and distances in my bag.

Yes, I use my PW for more that full swing shots. Sometimes I use it for longer chips or pitches where I don't want to get it up as high as a SW would. My SW is my go to wedge around the greens but I do vary a bit. SW gets the most use and LW the least.

Yes, my wedges were bought with my iron set so they match. My hybrids and fairway woods are the 08 Burners and my irons and wedges are the 09 Burners.
Art Ciolkowski says:
#1a by degree
#1b by number
#1c start at 60 degree go down by 4 degrees

#2a yes
#2b yes
#2c 52 degree

#3a yes
#3b no
#3c no
birdieXris says:
1. When i'm asked, i usually reply with the number. "a 1/2 50*" etc.

2. I shop by number

3. I determine loft by my distances.

4. I use my P club for whatever i need it to do. Punch, full swing, chips, pitches, some sand. None of my clubs are designated for just "full swing".

5. Vary based on the shot.

6. I would say my 54* gets the MOST use because it's the 100 yd club, but it's really close between all 3.

7. Yes, all my wedges are Eidolon Vsole Satin finish with the stepless steel shaft and Midsize Golf Pride Multi Compound grips. I really wanted the Prime though, but you didn't have it in Competition grooves at the time. :(

8. The only things in common are shaft flex and Grip.

9. My hybrid matches my 3 wood in company, shaft, and grips. It does not match my irons other than grip.
mjaber says:
1. Since upgrading my wedges, I've started calling them by number. Since any of my wedges could be used out of the sand, or for a pitch or chip, calling one a the "pitching wedge" and another the "sand wedge" just didn't make any sense anymore.

I shop by number, and have 4* between wedges, from 48* to 60*. I read that theoretically, 4* of loft = 10 yards, so that was how I determined the numbers I wanted. I wanted 10 yard gaps between clubs, and that's what I bought.
mjaber says:
2. I don't carry a "P" club anymore. I left it by a green, and never went back for it. My 48* is about 10 yards shorter than my 9i, so I don't feel like I need it, anyway.

My 52* probably gets the most use. It works well for me in most situations. The 56* is the least used. I just don't have much confidence in the club. It's #2 on my list to replace (right after a complete new set of irons).

3. My wedges don't match. I'd like them to, but it's not realistic, financially, right now. I've got 2 different TM models (RAC 52*, Z TP 60*), a Purespin (56*) and an Eidolon 48*. Nothing matches in my bag. I started with a Wilson Air Power starter set, and have added/replaced from there. The irons and 3w are still the Air Power. I replaced the driver with a TM R5 Dual-D, added a 2h and a 5h, and an Odyssey putter.
wdelnero says:
1.) -Usually I reply with the degree loft of the wedge.
- Number
- I determine what lofts will help close the gaps in distance in my bag

2.)- I typically use it for only "full" swings
- Changes based on the shot and ly, but normal conditions I prefer my 60*
- Most use my 60*, least use my 56*.

3.) -Wedges are from various brands.
- Not much in common at all
- My hybrid matches my 3 wood and driver, but not my irons.
Trav says:
• Identify by a "distance" (85 yard club) or by degree.
• Shop by If number.
• Determine loft numbers by distance gaps, usually means a 4-degree spread, but that was learned and also might change if I need more options with FW/hybrids.
• Use “P club” only if the pitching distance exactly matches pre-determined swing because the distance variation is greater for a slight over or under swing or swing speed, as compared to a more lofted club.
• “Go to” wedge for most greenside shots is 60; may vary depending on shot.
• Most used: 60; least: 52 (or PW if that is a "wedge").
• Wedges match each other (not counting PW).
• Wedges don't have have anything in common with irons (but treat PW as an "iron")
• Hybrids don't match FWs or irons, but thinking of re-clubbing so hybrids will match the FW to make distance gaps more consistent.
chief_broom says:
All my irons are Ping i10's, so they only have the letter on the sole, no loft numbers. I'm kind of a geek though so I know my 4 wedge's lofts (46, 50, 54, 58). If someone asks I'll tell them I hit my gap wedge which is 50 degrees. I'll use all of my wedges in various ways. I chip the most with my PW, anywhere from 10yds to 100yds(chipping), but I use the loft of the club to determin roll out after the ball lands. Of course I also chip with a 6 or 7 iron too.
Backquak says:
Great questions Terry. It depends on who I'm playing with but most of the time the only ones that ask are my higher handicapped buddies, and since they don't understand the loft thing, I usually say the clubs name, or I'll say I hit my 56* sandwedge. I shop by the number but I also want them checked on a loft lie machine to make sure it's what it says it is. I want a consistant gap of 4-5* between each wedge.

I use my PW for bump and run shots and long bunker shots. I use my 51* gap wedge for most greenside shots. I use my Gap the most and my 61* lob the least.

Yes, my wedges all match. No, they don't really match my irons, the shafts are softer spinner shafts. I don't have a hybrid, yet.
ssterritt says:
1. a. I always respond with the name (cleveland) and the number.
b. I shop by the number. 1 or 2 degrees off is a really big difference.
c. My irons go from 3 - 9 and then have Degrees of loft on them. I have a 48degree for 115- 130, a 52 degree 115- 100 , and a 56 degree for anything inside of that.

2. a.Between full and 3/4 swings, but not for around the green.
b & C. Go to club is my 56 degree, anything inside 100 yards. I can hit a large variety of shots with it such as pitch, bump & run, flop. Least used is the 48 degree (P) due to distances.

3. a. All of my wedges match my Irons with exception of my 56 degree. I like to keep the lower lofted wedges the same as my Irons to keep a consistancy in approach shots.
b. The only thing in common between my Irons & my 56 degree is the shaft & the grip.
c. I carry 1 Hybrid, and the only thing that it has in common with anyother club in my bag is it is a taylormade as are my Irons.
mattshaver says:
1 a. I say sand wedge.
b. When shopping, I shop by number. I figure it's a good way to quickly find a wedge that will give me even distance gaps.
c. I thought a 60* was overkill, so I went with a 58*. My PW is a 48*, so I filled the gap for a while with a 52*, until I lost it. Not exactly splitting the gap, but close enough for me. An Eidolon wedge would be a great replacement for my poor lost 52*....hint, hint, Terry.

2 a. Yes, I also use my PW for when I have a chip that needs to run out a little more or if it's a little pitch that I just don't like for my 58*.
b. Lately, I've been using my SW exclusively around the greens.
c. SW definitely gets the most use.

3 a. No. One is a Mizuno (PW), the SW is a Vokey. I had a Nike 52*, but I forgot it next to a green and never saw or heard from it again.
b. No. Nothing in common with my irons, really.
c. My hybrid (Adams 2H 17*) doesn't match my woods (TM 3W 15*) or irons (Mizuno MP-67).
jem_porter says:
1. I carry 4 wedges, a pitching wedge (46*), the other 3 by number, 50*, 54* and 58*.
I shop by number. I choose wedges with equal 4* spacing, to allow greater distance control from 75 to 120 yards.
2. I mostly use a 9 iron for chipping around the green, however if the point I want to land the ball isn't even and I want to carry the ball a little further I'll use the 'P' club. If I need to carry a hazard and stop the ball more quickly I'll go to 54* or 58*. The greater cliub head speed needed however increases the damage caused by even a slightly mis-hit shot so I'll only do this if it's really needed.
So the 9-iron gets the most use followed by the 'P' wedge.
3. The 50* wedge is an Eidolon wedge, the others all match my irons, which are Ping i15, with the same shaft and flex. Hybrids don't match the fairway woods or the irons - the first time I used a hybrid I borrowed one from a friend and when I decided it was easier to hit than a long iron I searched out the same type, brand and spec.
dartboss04 says:
- i now reply with the number...if they follow up with what's a 50?...i'll go back to normal naming convention
- shop by number definitely
- i like to space my wedges out evenly if possible by degrees of loft

- only use the P for full and 3/4 shots
- most of the courses i tend to play have thicker rough and smaller greens so i find myself using my 60 degree most of the time...as i have no green to work with...if i have more green to work with i'll go down to the 56 and then 50 back in my stance for the bump and runs...
- 60 the most, P the least

- P matches my irons...G, S, and L match each other
- wedges only match irons in shaft material
- my hybrid and 7 wood are the same brand, but not model year...
preny says:
1 I call them Gap, Sand, Lob.
o Usually use these words, or just say the loft
o Number
o Trial and error – currently thinking of consolidating my 52 and 56 into a 54 to pick up another hybrid
• P club is used a lot for chipping and low pitches – it spins enough to allow good feel on pitches

- Vary club at greenside depending on how much roll vs carry I want
- I probably use the lob the most, because I get myself short-sided so often, recently the 56 degree hasn’t gotten much use

-Wedges match eachother
-Similar flex to irons
-Hybrids just happen to match the brand of my woods, but the heavier shafts let me swing them more like my irons.
woobwoob says:
1. - If below a Pitching wedge (48°), I refer to the number.
- I shop by number
- I try to use increments of 4°, But am anxious to try out a 54° (I have 52°,
56°, and 60°) as I don't have a club I can hit full and get 110 yards.
2. - Sometimes... depending on if I have to hit some sort of weird punch near a
- I hit most green-side shots with my 52°. I just adjust how much swing it
gets based upon how much distance I need.
- My 52° gets the most use. It is my 100 yard and below go-to club. Save for
greenside bunkers, there I use my 60° consistantly. I find I rarely use my
56° unless I need absolutely 80 yards and have to play the ball high.
3. - Just by brand.
- Brand and flex
- I do not use hybrids, I threw out my 5w for a 7w and can manipulate it to hit
180-220 yards.
JuKu says:
-I say what is stamped on the wedge:-). P, 50, 54, 58.
-By number.
-4 deg. difference from where the iron set ends.

-Yes, but rarely.
-For chips, I try to land on a level spot and pick a club that rolls to the hole. So, I vary. For short pitch, 58. Long pitch, 54. So, I don't.
-58 gets the most use: short pitches, greenside bunkers.
-P the least.

-P is from the iron set, the other wedges match each other.
-Match by grip only, similar (not same) flex.
-One hybrid, matches by irons by brand, has graphite shaft like my irons and woods, R flex in irons, hybrid and woods. Same grip as in my irons.
houtexas says:
-I tend you use both numbers and names. 47 = pitching, 51 = gap, 55 = sand, 60 = lob. It depends who I'm talking to. If it's someone I play with often, I use the number and if it's a random person, I'll use the name.
-I only shop by number.
-I like consistent distance gaps. Right now, that's 4*, 4*, 5* between my 4 wedges, giving me 135(PW), 120(GW), 105(SW), and 90(LW) on "stock" shots.

-Yes, I chip with it, choke down and hit 3/4 shots.
-No, I pick my wedge based on the lie, desired trajectory, and room for roll out.
-I honestly think they all get about the same amount of use. Maybe the PW less than the other 3.

-My GW, SW, and LW match each other, but my PW matches my irons.
-Wedges don't have much in common with my irons. Softer flex shafts, slightly flatter lie angles, different brand.
-I don't carry a hybrid. Driver, 4W, 3i, 4i, etc.
bobe33 says:
1a I usually reply with the loft of the wedge only.
1b I shop by loft number.
1c I see what loft my Pitching Wedge is in the spec website of the brand, then go 4 degrees for each wedge. I currently have my PW at 45 and have the following lofts for my wedges... 50, 54, 58, & 64

2a I sometimes use the PW for greenside chipping as well as full shots.
2b I vary based on the shot at hand. Any chip will be different based on how much green I have to work with but every flop is with my 64 (only reason why I carry it, never for full shots)
2c Most use 58, least 50

3a Yes, all wedges match eachother
3b No, wedges have nothing in common with my irons.
3c My hybrids usually dont match but they do right now, they match my irons and woods.
HLA says:
I've seen manufacturers changing their make of their iron set from a traditional 3i-PW set to a 4i-GW or even 5i-SW

1a Pitching, 51° and 56°, my pitching came with the rest of the iron set
1b I shop by loft
1c When it comes to wedges, I consider two things, full swing distances, and how they perform in precision approach shots (50 yards or so). I don't like doing a full swing with a loft above 56°

2a I use the pitching for full swing shots, and also for certain greenside shots
2b I vary the club on greenside, depending on how far I want the ball to lift or carry, and how much roll I want to get, I use P through 8i in these situations
2c The wedge I use the most is my 51°, that's my 50 yds in shot, the one I use the least is my 56°, usually for sand bunkers and certain flop attempts

3a All three wedges are from different manufacturers
3b They do have same Shaft flex and grip size, and a progressive swingweight
3c My hybrid matches driver and woods shaft make and flex
bobhooe says:
1. a. I reply with either Wedge, 54*, or 58*. I carry what Titleist calls a P,
and a W but refer to both as a wedges. My W is a 50* and my P is 46*.
b. Both name and number, I like to stick with the same brands when I go to replace a wedge. Same shaft flex and grips.
c. I use to carry a 60* but it was a bit to unforgiving so I went with the 58* and 54* to keep spacing at 4*.
2. a. It depends on the lie and how much green I have to work with. Short sided I go with the 58* as long as the lie is decent. 54* if I want to run it to the pin. The P and W are full shots only unless I need a knock down from under a tree or something like that. P is 115-125 W is 100-115. Anything under that is for my 54*. I only use the 58* when I am in the sand or within 20-30 yds. I never hit a full 58*.
b. I would say I hit the 58* 90% of the time.
c. my 58* gets the most use due to my poor GIR.
3. I have 3 Titleist wedges and one Cleveland with matching grips and stock shafts.
scottccherry says:
1. Depends on who I'm playing with. If it's with my dad, or someone less experienced, I'll say gap (52), sand (56) or lob (60). But if I'm with someone more experienced, I'll use the degrees.
- I shop for wedges by numbers - degrees and bounce.
- I started with my 56, and went 4 up and 4 down from there. I have player's irons, my PW is 47, so it falls in with the set pretty well.
2. I use my PW for full and 3/4 shots, and if I need to keep it out of the wind. My yardage for this club is 105-130.
- My go to wedge is my 56 degree, but I am not hesitant to use a different one if the shot really demands it.
- my 56 gets the most use, and my 52 gets the least. I'll use my 60* to pitch within 50 or so yards, to get extra spin.
3. My 60 and 56 match each other, my 52 is different, and my PW is different. I'm thinking about replacing my 52 this year, though, with one that matches.
- My PW is part of the set of irons that I have. Other than that, they're completely different.
- I don't carry a hybrid.
jrbizzle says:
I have a PW, which I call by name. I then have three matched wedges (50, 55, 60). These wedges are same brand (Ram FX), shaft, grooves, etc. That way I can change the ball without worrying about how one groove will grab vs. another.

I pick the club based on the situation. I'll hit full shots with my PW (120 yd)and 50 (100 yds) from anywhere, but rarely will hit full shots with my 55 or 60. I only do this if I absolutely have to (i.e. fly a hazard and drop dead). I don't play a high spin game around the green by default. I usually pick two clubs for each shot and then pick the safest play. I probably get the most use out of my 50 for pitch shots, and my 9i for pitching.

My entire bag does not match (4 manufacturers), but I pay attention to distance gaps. I usually try to get new irons every 5 years, and usually replace one of my driver/wood/hyrbid a year to keep thinsg fresh. Had the same putter for 10+ years, love the insert and feel.
mschad says:
* When you hit a wedge shot and your buddy asks what you hit, how do you reply?
Depending on how they ask.. but usually by degrees.

* If you are shopping for wedges, do you shop by number or name?
Shop by number

* How do you determine what loft numbers you want to have in your bag?
Try to keep 4* apart.

* Do you use your “P club” for anything but full swing shots?

* Do you have a “go to” wedge for most greenside shots, or do you vary that based on the shot at hand?

* Which one of your wedges gets the most use? The least?
Most: 56, least: 52

* Do your wedges all match each other?
Eidolon 52, 56, 60

* Do your wedges have anything in common with your irons?

* Do your hybrids match your fairway woods and/or your irons?

If you draw my name please give it to a youth golfer since I already have 3 Eidolon wedges.
Bama61 says:
I rely on the loft of the wedge. I've had issues before by just grabing a P wedge and then having shots come up short because it wasn't lofted to what I need. If asked what I hit I give them the loft. They may not always understand but i do it because my wedge is usually different from theirs. As far as what lofts are in my bag it's all based on what works best for me. P - 48, G - 54, S - 58.

My gap wedge, 54, gets more use than the others. I use it consistantly from 75 yards in. If it's a strong uphill lie I'll go to the P, 48, but mostly my 54. My S, 58, probably gets the least use of all.

All my wedges are Callaway since that's what I've been playing. In fact every club in my bag is a Callaway. I've tried others but just haven't felt as comfortable with them. I'm sure it's probably all in my head but some things are hard to change.
dottomm says:
I really enjoyed your article this week and it coincides with a letter I’ve been thinking or sending you.
I am a fairly new golfer working hard to bring down my handicap, and as I’m learning to hit all of my clubs farther I’m finding that I’m scoring much higher that I was when I couldn’t hit as far and I think this is mainly due to my wedges. In the past (last year) my second shot would usually leave me 40-75 yards from the green. I’ve been pretty good at getting close to the hole from that distance with a nice easy pitch-wedge. Now that I’m getting more distance off the tee and closer to the green with my second shot, (more GIRs, or fringes) my recently purchased 56 wedge (from big-box retailer ‘cuz I received a gift certificate and fell for all the ‘Year of the Wedge’ marketing hype and reading this column I knew better), has really been letting me down by adding sometimes three strokes to a hole. I practice quite a bit with my new wedge, and on the practice green I’m pretty consistent. But put me in a gam
dottomm says:
and I’m gonna chunk, skull or flop it — usually farther from the hole than where I started.
I’ve recently gone back to laying up and using my pitching-wedge (44 degree loft, 64 degree lie) and once again, I’m getting the ball right up against the hole and knocking strokes off my score.
I’m not sure if this is the kind of story you are looking for, but I think it’s interesting and I want to share my experience with other golfers struggling to hit farther that it won’t always translate to a better score.
jrbizzle says:
Of course the obvious part we all left out is, if our opponent asked us which club we hit, and he hasn't hit yet - we call a penalty, right?
Banker85 says:
I answer with the both sometimes loft 56* sometimes name sandwedge. Shop by number. I tried to keep the gap at 4 between wedges but have a 5* gap between my Iron Pwedge 47* and my 52*. I use my P club for full shots mostly sometimes hitting a punch shot with it trying to keep it low or a 3/4 swing not really a chipping club for me. Anything within 20yds i will hit my 60* 9/10 times. The other 3 wedges probably get the same amount of use. my wedges all match Nike SV tour except my P club which is with my Taylormade irons. Wedges and irons all have same grips, steel shafts, and stiff flex with -1/4 differences in length starting @Pclub - 60*. My fairway and hybrids match all are '07 burner with same stock shaft s-flex and same grips. All my clubs have same shaft flex and grips. My Driver is a Tour Burner taylormade so basically from Dr - 60* i have tried to keep it as consistent as possible.
rmumph1 says:
Depends on who I'm talking to. If its more experienced players I say by loft, if its beginners I say by pitch, sand, lob. I've tried to keep my loft gap 4* difference. I actually just received a free 52* volkey wedge but have not used it. I have a 48*,56*, and 60* Eidolon wedges. I thinking of taking the 60* out and adding the 52* in the bag as I don't use the 60* ever. My irons do not match my wedges only in steel shafts. Grips are different for 6-PW, then wedges. I would love to have a matching set but money dictates that. I am in search of some good hybrids as the ones I have are Dunlop from an old Academy set. Can't hit them for anything with their closed faces. Driver and 3 wood are same though.
toothid says:
When a friend asks "what wedge?" ...I usually say ""thank you since it means I hit a decent shot. I usually use the name rather than loft. I play Ping G5's, The pitch is 46 and sand is 54 so I filled in a 50(gap) and a 60(lob) by number.
I use my "P" wedge for full swings as well as for chips where I want equal air-roll time. Selection of club based more on conditions. My Sand wedge(54) is club most used... Lob (60) is least used.
My wedges are Ping G5 pitch and sand with a different brand 50 and 60 .
Hybrids are Taylormade Burners (4,5,and6) (as well as driver) and Fairway "woods"(3 and 5) are Nike sumo2 all with graphite shafts
bkuehn1952 says:
I tell people don't try to club off me as my distances are not typical.
Last time I shopped for wedges, I purchased a set (P, G, S).
I tend to judge what I need by the distance I hit the club, regardless of loft.

"P" is used for a variety of shots.
I use a variety of clubs around the green but my 56* Sand Wedge is used most.
56* sand wedge is most used because of sand and it is most lofted.

Wedges do not match.
Nothing in common.
Woods and hybrids do not match.
gpickin says:
1. How do i respond: I have a P S and 60 so thats how I reply. My brother has P A G so thats how he responds. I do ask the loft sometimes, so we can compare :)

I shop by numbers, so I can balance the separation between them, but I like brands and I want my wedges to match.

How do I determine loft? I want a balanced difference from P to 60 ish.
gpickin says:
2. Do I use the P for more than just full swings - Yes. I use it for pitches and chips. I'm trying to use my other wedges to make the 35% 65% 75% and 100% easier to judge, by having 2 swings with each club, I should be able to cover more shots more consistently.

I need new wedges, right now, I use my P for most shots, because my S has too much bounce, and the 60 is not long enough and it has different grip, which I dont like differences.

I use my P the most because the grip and shaft match. Sand the least because the bounce makes an OFF shot way more inconsistent, it can really hurt me.
gpickin says:
3. Do they match: My P and S are from the same set, but the bounce on the S is better for sand. The 60 is a borrowed club. I'm in the market for new wedges, but I am still deciding on my brand. I want to have all TaylorMade or all Callaway or something. But I am thinking about Cleveland or your Eidolons, as a specialized wedge.

I would like to have them all the same. Right now, I have a beginner set, researching my next big purchases. They will have same shaft and grip (I hope if i can afford to) You said flex can be softer for wedges though, so I'm considering it.

Hybrids right now match the woods, but its something i want to think seriously about too. I'm learning, so I'm seeing what people think.

Good questions, thanks again terry.
BME_Badger says:
1. When you hit a wedge shot and your buddy asks what you hit, how do you reply?
Either pitching wedge - or by degree for my other wedges.
If you are shopping for wedges, do you shop by number or name?
How do you determine what loft numbers you want to have in your bag?
I asked you whether I should get a 60, you picked it as a topic so I got a 60 :-) But I'll take a wedge out if I'm playing a long course (3 wedges) or add one back in if I'm playing a shorter course (4 wedges)
I have a p wedge, 52, 56, and 60.
p wedge 135-110
52 110 - 90
56 90 - 70
60 - don't use often for full swings, needs more practice
2. Do you use your “P club” for anything but full swing shots?
P wedge for full shots from 135 to 110, pitches, and bump/runs around the green.
Do you have a “go to” wedge for most greenside shots, or do you vary that based on the shot at hand?
It varies based on the shot, but usually a p wedge for rolling and a 56 or 60 for more loft or if sand is involved
BME_Badger says:
Which one of your wedges gets the most use? The least?
Most - 56, least - 60
3.Do your wedges all match each other?
No, p wedge and 52 came w/ iron set, sand wedge was an additional purchase, 60 from Terry

Do your wedges have anything in common with your irons? Same brand, shaft, flex, etc?

Do your hybrids match your fairway woods and/or your irons?
Don't have hybrids.
aaronm04 says:
1. a. I always refer to the distance I played rather than the actual club/wedge since this varies by golfer and their set of clubs. For example, "90-yard club hit about 3/4" or "punch 150."
b. Number.
c. Work upwards from the PW in my iron set.

2.a. Not typically. Either full or 3/4 but seldom for chips or pitches.
b. Varies by individual shot.
c. Sand Wedge the most. Lob wedge the least.

3.a. No.
b. Sorta. Cobra irons and 2 Titleist wedge. (Titleist owned Cobra at time of purchase and don't think Cobra had wedges). Different shafts (graphite on irons, steel on wedges).
c. Hybrids match irons in brand and shaft, but not fairway wood (I only carry one FW, a Callaway 3-wood).
larrynjr says:
1. I call them by name, Pitch, Gap, Sand, Lob. But shop for loft, all my wedges are marked for loft.

2. I use my P for some chip shots with long runs to the hole but mostly full swing. Mostly I’m now using my 52 degree Eidolon Gap wedge for pitch and wedge shots (got 1’ from hole on a 60 yd pitch recently!) My 52 degree is now most used wedge. My 60 degree lob is least used.

3. They match in 4 degree increments but not by brand. My P & S are same as irons but S is different model. G is different and L is same as my hybrids & woods. Hybrids and woods are all the same brand but bought individually.
Felipe Rojas says:
When hit a wedge shot how do you reply? IT DEPENDS: MY RESPONSE IS "PITCH" OR "SAND", BUT IF I HIT THE OTHER TWO, I RESPOND "52°" OR "60°"

shopping for wedges by NUMBER




the most use? The least? 60° AND PITCH GETS THE MOST USE; 52° THE LEAST



hybrids match woods? MY ONLY HYBRID (3H) MATCHES MY 3 & 5 FAIRWAY WOODS
mseifert says:
Excellent article Terry, I've shared my less than expert answers below:

1a. I use the standard nomenclature (pitching, gap, etc.).
b. Number all the way.
c. The carry distance that club will provide. Adjustments made as necessary for consistent gaps.

2a. All the time! I use it for "full" shots, pitching, and chipping - whatever the situation calls for.
b. I try to vary, but I find I tend toward my 48* "P-Wedge" and my 56* "Sand Wedge", leaving my 52* "Gap" and 60* "Lob" for more specialized situations.
c. Most used: 56*, least used: 52*

3a. They all match.
b. Nothing in common with the irons other than shaft material and stated flex (R).
c. I have no hybrids. I have a matching Driver and 20.5* FW, a unique 15* FW, Matching 4-9 Irons and 4 matching wedges. Everything's an "R" flex except the driver and I have graphite on the woods and steel on everything else.
ericsmi says:
1.My extra wedges are listed with both: G–52* and L-60*. When asked, I respond with the name. I shop by numbers and bounce, name isn’t important. I try to keep to the 4* difference in wedges.
2. I use the P-wedge mostly for full shots. I will use it around the green to chip if I need more carry and less roll to get close. My greenside shots can use every iron in the bag based upon distance, lie and what lies between me and the flag. I’d have to say the S-56* gets the most use and the L-60* gets the least (only because I haven’t practiced enough to be consistent with it).
3. The PW and SW are part of my iron set (TM R7 Draw), the GW and LW are matched Adams Tom Watson models. I would like them all to be the same, but haven’t been able to justify replacing them for that purpose. I don’t currently carry a hybrid, and my driver is TM, 3W is Nicklaus, and 5W is Nicklaus (but a different model/series).
Great topic Terry.
id3st says:
On wedge shots, I usually ask instead “where did it go?” But on good shots, I tell them to respect the sand! Shopping, I usually consider the range gap from my pw. I usually space it out accordingly from max loft of 60. Currently carrying a 56 sw and 60 lw Vokeys. Still on the prowl for that 52 a/g. My PW has seen both full swings and “pitching” from 85 yards out. I shy away using my lw to avoid spinning the ball instead wanting that extra roll. Most greenside shots are hit thru my lw. My sw gets called almost every after 2nd/3rd shot. Love the traps! My lw ends up getting called least due to my current prowess. The game of golf is synonymous with fairways and greens, like money. I try to keep the same family of clubs. With my income, the only thing matching with my set are the grips. Golf Prides, baby! Although different brands, I try to cover as much ground to reach certain areas of the rough, the sand traps and my favorite, the water/OB sides. One day, I will eventually reach a handicap of 36.3! :P
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
Wedges and irons are all stiff flex but different brands(Eidolon wedges, of course). The wedges are 48*, 52*, 56*, & 60* and I determined the lofts from the 9 iron in the set which is 44*. I use my sand wedge the most and almost always for greenside shots. It's my "go to" club. The 52* gap wedge is the one I use least. I've been taking an extra club and choking down rather than a full swing with my wedges for all approach shots as I am much more accurate. My hybrid fills the gap nicely between my 4 iron and 5 wood although I am greatly considering your recommendation on a 4 wood.
TravisMiller says:
1a: normally with the degree and the name that i call it. 60* lob wedge
1b: Shop by number.
1c: based off of the 56* that I learned my short game with. I have recently added a 60 and a 52 based on the 56 being the center for my short game
2a: P club used full swing, long pitch shots, chipping
2b: I have been practicing different shots as I learn the game more but when it just isn't there I revert to my 56* as a stability factor.
2c: 56* the most and my 60* the least because i have been less consistent with it.
3a: my pw matches my irons, my 52 and 60 match each other, 56 stands alone
3b: only my pw matches irons, shaft specs could be close but not sure
3c: don't use hybrids, driver and woods same flex and graphite, irons and wedges steel shafted.
lcgolfer64 says:
a. with either PW, 50, 53 or 58, is my response.
b. I bought a 52 from you, but gave it as a gift to a long-time golfing bud as he a had a gap to be filled.

a. Depends on my lie. I go with the 58 most of the time unless I want to run it to the pin, then I use my 50. My PW is usally 110-120 Anything under that is for my 50-58. I use the 58 when in the green-side sand or within 60-80 yds.
b. I hit the 58 a majority of the time. 50deg at 110 in.
c. 58 gets the most, 53 probably the least.

a. Maltby wedges that were built for me, should probably replace them soon
b. I carry a Maltby set 4i - PW, PW is 46. flex and shafts matching
c. Recently purchased a matching Cobra 4Hy to with my Cobra Dr, 3W and 5W. It filled a nice gap at 190 to about 215, that I just couldn't get consistently with my 3i (collecting dust)
golfer29239 says:
1.a)Ususally by telling him that soliciting shot advice is a 2 stroke penalty...by giving the degree of the loft and percent of swing.
b)I usually get wedges to fill gaps in my distances. I always have them bent to specific lofts to achieve this.
c)I usually keep irons at 4* differences and wedges at 4-6* (depending on course needs)
b)Varies based on shot needs (can be anything from a hybrid to a 58* or 60* wedge
c)I would say that my 50* wedge gets used most and 58* least
b)Same brand, shaft, flex, etc? Shafts are the same brand and flex from 4 iron to 58* wedge.
c)My hybrids, fwy woods, and driver all have the same shaft and flex, but different shaft weights
scottland says:
1A – “I hit my 54”
1B - By number. I like a high bounce 53/54 wedge, and a low bounce 59/60.
1C – I play a 48* PW, so a 54 and 60 give me good gaps on full shots, and lots of options around the green.
2A - My swing gets progressively shorter throughout the bag. My 9 iron is the last club that i will really go after with a full swing. I use my wedges on full shots, but they aren't 'full' swings
2B - Completely varied based on the shot and the lie. I'll use anything from a hyrbid up to my 60* wedge.
2C - 54 is the go-to, but the PW and 60 get equal play.
3A - Yes, I like the consistent head shape and grind on both wedges.
3B - Same brand, but that's it. Different shaft, different flex, different weight. X100 in my irons, KBS 5.5 shafts in the wedges. I never take FULL swings with my wedges, so I play an easier to load shaft. Same grip as every club.
3C - Nope. I actually play a 4- hybrid as my 3i replacement, it fits the gap better. So technically there are two clubs in my bag with a '4' on the sole.
Hoody005 says:
I refer to my wedges by degree like 52 or 56. They are all titelist vokeys I just found that I can get the best bounce and degree options with them. But when I use my pitching wedge I call it that and I use it on 70 or 80 yard shots when the pin is tucked in the back. It's normally a 140 full club. I shop for wedges by degree and bounce, ping G 15 wedges have G S L on them kinda funny. I use callaway X forged irons so not much comonality to my wedges other then my pitching wedge is 48 degrees and my titelist 52 degree have 4 degree difference. My driver and 5 wood are taylor made and I have a Nike 21 degree hybrid. Back to wedges my 56/8 gets most used around the green and my 60/4 is least used just for those floppers when I short side myself on the other side of a trap or something.
Mortalsword says:
I have a "p" that is 43 degrees I mostly use it for full shots 115-125 and sometimes to pop and roll from the edge of the green if I have alot of green to cover, I have a 48 that I use as my 105-115 and some around the green work also a 54 that I use for sand shots around the green and for 100 and under shots. I have a matched set of Cobra s2 Max clubs with the 3+4 Hybrids and 5-p with Regular stock steel, I also have a 3+5 wood that match the set with R shafts and a cobra driver also with stock Max shafts. I am thinking of changing the driver.
Mortalsword says:
The 48 and 54 are Cleveland Cg 15 8* bounce and 14* bounce don't know if i like the 54 out of sand but its what I got next time I buy Irons I will take a much closer look at the lofts cause the Cobra's threw my game off for a while till I got used to using my P insted of my 9 and my 9 instead of my 8 etc etc.
GBogey says:
1. My irons came with a "P" (46) and an "S" (56) and I recently added a 52. I would reply with what is on club - "P", "S", or 52.
2. I use my "P" quite often to chip. I use my "S" more than any club - chip, pitch, lob, whatever. Still learning how to work in my 52.
3. My wedges don't match but I think it would be better that they did. My hybrids match my woods, but I wouldn't necessarily do the same the next time. My fairway woods and driver match and I find that to be a good thing.
jpjeffery says:
I find my PW and 9 better for the short pitch shots as I'm less likely to thin it.

They're Prosimmons graphite X9s. No idea what the angles are.

Your buddy asks what you hit, how do you reply?
- I tell him it was either the PW or the SW.

If you are shopping for wedges, do you shop by number or name?
- Don't yet shop for individual clubs.

How do you determine what loft numbers you want to have in your bag?
- No idea.

Do you use your “P club” for anything but full swings?
- Yes. Half swings or less, chip and run.

Do you have a “go to” wedge?
- Usually the PW, but I'm flexible.

Which one of your wedges gets the most use? The least?
- PW most, SW least.

Do your wedges all match each other?
- Yes.

Do your wedges have anything in common with your irons?
- Graphite, same set.

Do your hybrids match your fairway woods and/or your irons?
- Yes.
Michael Douglas says:
1a. Wedge, Gap, Sand, or Lob

1b. Number because they have to fit my set.

1c. Understanding the actual launch angle of each club and fitting them to the same gapping I have in my irons.

2a. Yes, partial swings, pitches and chips

2b. I vary depending on the lie, trajectory and run needed to play the shot.

2c. The less loft wedges tend to be used most because I like to run the ball to hole. The most lofted wedge gets used the least because it's less consistent. They all get used equally in practice.

3a. Pitching wedge is same as irons Hogan Apex II 4 shaft (48 Equalizer), 52, 56, 60 degree wedges are all matching Hogan Colonial wedges with Apex wedge shafts.

3b. The grips match

3c. No
mjguzik says:
"When you hit a wedge shot and your buddy asks what you hit, how do you reply?" Pitch, Sand, or Lob

"If you are shopping for wedges, do you shop by number or name?" loft

"How do you determine what loft numbers you want to have in your bag?" Covering distance under 120 yards from 48* and up.

"Do you use your “P club” for anything but full swing shots?" pitch shots outside about 25 yds

"Do you have a “go to” wedge for most greenside shots, or do you vary that based on the shot at hand?" Sand

"Which one of your wedges gets the most use? The least?" Sand, Lob

"Do your wedges all match each other?" 20 yo Armour 845s, P (48), S (56), L (60)

"Do your wedges have anything in common with your irons?" Grips, flex and appearance

"Do your hybrids match your fairway woods and/or your irons?" Don't carry hybrids
jfurr says:
1a. Pitching Wedge, Gap Wedge, Sand Wedge, or 58
1b. Loft Number and Bounce angle
1c. based on prior testing results and what I feel comfortable with

2a. Yes- full, half, chipping, punch, wet sand, etc
2b. vary club used on trajectory, carry, and roll desired
2c. 54 SW, sometimes only one I carry (with the PW)

3a. 54 & 58 match, GW and PW different
3b. PW from irons set, GW different, 54 & 58 different
3c. Hybrid and 4W match but 3W and 5W vary. irons are steel shaft

I don't see the 4 degrees of seperation in real life helping me that much. Many times I think the PW (46) then SW (54) covers the shots I need. And seems like when I use anything higher loft than 56 I just make trouble. Likewise I don't carry a 4 iron all the time, just 5 iron then hybrid 3.
Shallowface says:
1a. Loft number
1b. Loft/bounce numbers
1c. I like a 54 and a 60. PW can be 46, 47 or 48 depending on what set I'm using.
2a. Some running greenside chips
2b. 60 degree almost exclusively
2c. 60 degree gets the most. 54 the least (bunker shots and 90 yard full shots).
3a. No
3b. PW usually matches the set. They are basically "10 irons" these days, not true wedges like in the past when many PWs were 52 degrees and had a larger flange than the 9 Iron.
3c. No
Greg_K says:
1a: By name.
1b: Loft and effective bounce for desired distance gaps and playability.
1c: Distance spacing.
2a: Yes.
2b: No, I choose a wedge based on desired flight distance to roll distance ratio for the shot at hand.
2c: My 48* “P” club (similar loft to my dad’s old 9 iron) gets the most use, and it is my hardpan / gravel sacrificial club. My 60* wedge gets the least use.
3a: My “P” club matches my irons. The 52*, 56*, and 60* wedges match each other but not my irons.
3b: All my irons and wedges are from the same manufacturer and were built with the same shaft set, same flex rating.
3c: Sort of. My fairway woods match my hybrid and are the same manufacturer as my irons and wedges, but my hybrid is not a matching extension of my irons. The length of my driver, metals, hybrid, irons, and wedges were all considered relative to each other and all are gripped the same.
Joness says:
1a:By name P,G,S,L. My golf partners only know names
1b:By no Loft and bounce.
1c: Consistent gap of 4' between wedges. But my P is only 47 and my G is 52
2a:I use all wedges depending on the shot
2b:Choice of wedge determined by the shot. Aim is to land on the green with enough room to run out to the flag. I control run by trajectory rather than spin, and control trajectory by loft. 3 different swings with 2 grips. I know how far each club will carry the ball for each swing and grip
2c: I mainly use my 52' for chipping around the fringe and my 60' for pitching. My P is the club I use least for pitching because the lower trajectory means it is less versatile
3a&b: My 47' came with my irons. However it is a good fit with the rest of my wedges except for the shaft. My Irons have firm flex. My wedges are reg flex
3c:Woods are diff brand and flex (R) to irons. But they have diff purposes. My woods and hybrid are used for gaining distance and my irons are used for accurately hitting greens
kevinho says:
1a: Both, usually I call the pitching wedge by name and refer to my 52, 56, 60, etc

1b: Number loft and bounce.

1c: I try to ensure as consistent distances based on my experience with different lofts. I'm a lefty and not in the State now, so I don't have a lot of access to try wedges or most clubs before purchasing.

2a: I use my "p club" for chips and some pitches, mainly chips/bump and runs

2b: I vary my shots/clubs depending on what's at hand.

2c: Right now I use a 47, 52, 58. I'd say the 58 gets the most use and 52 the least.

3a/b: My p wedge is the end of my set and my 52/58 are the same. I'd match my wedges to my irons but Nike doesn't offer many lofts for lefties. Irons including the p wedge are stiff flex and 52 and 58 are titleist with the wedge shaft. All grips are the same.

3c: My 3 wood and hybrid are clevelands (but not the same model), driver is a titleist.
bogeyy says:
1a Pitching-, Gap-, Sand- or Lob-Wedge, any numbers would confuse my buddies

1b I shop by numbers

1c The wedges should match my irons and have a 4° gap

2a I use the Dave-Pelz-method to determine which club to use based on distance and my 8 iron for bump and runs

2b same as 2a

2c I use the pitching wedge the most and my gap wedge the least because those are the most common distances on my home course

3a my pithing- and sand-wedge are KZG (evolution iron set 4-S), Callaway gap wedge, online lob wedge (I´ld love to have matching clubs though)

3b see 3a, they all have the same grips and matching lenght

3c my 3-hybrid matches my woods in brand and grips (all my clubs have the same grips)
ctjoe says:
I play the Tour Edge X-treme Spin Wedges and they are great, but a friend of mine let me try out his Eidolon wedges and I must say I was impressed. Will I change from the Tour Edge to the Eidolon wedges, I think so.
manny.101 says:
a) I always answer with the loft of the club i've used. I don't recall ever having wedges with G, S or L on them, always have been numbers.
b) I would be shopping for numbers.
c) After playing more golf recently i have found that if i had a 54 rather than 56.
a) Sometimes depending on the conditions or elevation i currently would use my pitching wedge to play a shot my 56 wouldn't make.
b) No "Go To Club". Around the green is generally based on what i would like the ball to do as well as what my lie is like.
c) Between my 56 and 60 i'd say that it would be 50/50 on the use they get in a round.
a) Yes, with matching shafts and grips.
b) My irons are Srixon i-701 Tours and wedges are Srixon WG-706.
c) My driver is an 8.5 degree Callaway FT-9 tour, fairway is a Callaway FT tour 15 degree and my hybrid is a Mizuno MX-700 17 degree. Currently my driver and fairway share the same shaft where as the hybrid is different although all are stiff flex.
manny.101 says:
HAHA! I couldn't fit all that I had written the first time.
kingwood hacker says:
1 a) I always answer with the loft, not the name
b) I definitely shop by loft and bounce, not by a letter
c) I set up my wedges with a 4* gap, but I didn't know my set's pw loft when I did, so technically I'm 1* weak in all my wedges

2 a) I occasionally use my PW for long chip shots. other than that, only full swings
b) my "go to" greenside wedge is my 56*. The only exception is that if I don't have a lot of green to work with, I will use my 60*
c) my 56* definitely gets used the most, my 52* the least. pretty much just full shots with the 52*

3 a) each one of my wedges is from a different manufacturer. didn't plan it that way, just the way it ended up.
b) my wedge shafts have almost nothing in common with my iron shafts, if I had it to do all over again though, they would all match
c) I only carry 1 hybrid and it doesn't match my woods or my irons. It works though, so it stays in the bag.
Paolo says:
1a, There are about 12 of us who play in various groups at various times. Sometimes when you say a 56deg wedge you can see the cogs whirring before the penny drops trying to work out the equivalent in their bag. So I find it easier to say PW, Gap, SW or Lob.
1b, Because I know the degrees of my wedges, if shopping for a new wedge, usually a replacement after hitting a stone in a badly maintained bunker, I shop by numbers.
1c, I’ve only recently been converted to the idea of work on the short game to lower your score most rapidly, so I only had the PW and SW with the irons. I took these to the pro-shop and filled in the gap and added the lob wedge. Now going forward I will be able to adjust the degrees as I wish when I but new clubs in the future.
2a, I use my PW around the green, I find there’s more accuracy (for me) with the cavity back rather than the blade. Other than in and around the green I really only use it with a full swing.
Paolo says:
2b, My go to greenside clubs has recently change from Gap to PW for the reason in 2a.
2c, Having recently purchased a Lob wedge I have to say I love it, being able to give a full swing from 40yds took a little getting used to but with anything between me and the green I now feel confident I’m not going to end up in it.
Least favourite from the green stuff is my SW. Physiological I think but I always thin it. Not out of the beach I love it?!
3a, No, I have PW and SW which came with the irons (Wilson Staff). Gap and Lob (MD) were bought after and are the same brand as each other.
3b, Yes, two are the same brand (see 3a)
3c, My hybrids match my irons (Wilson Staff) and my Driver and 3W (metal!) are the same brand (Cobra).
cicero says:
1) I call them by name instead of number. However, I'd shop by number, and unless the club gives me a significantly different yardage gap or trajectory, I'd just replace loft for loft.

2) My pitching wedge is more like a 10 iron for me; full shots only. The only thing I use around the green is my lob wedge, using my hands to create the shot I want (though I'm considering working on chip and runs with different clubs this year to see how I score). As for frequency, it's a two way tie for least used between my gap and sand wedges; I rarely see those yardages on course, and for everything 100 yards and in, I use the LW (again, this may change during the course of this season).

3) All my irons, 3-LW, are one set, with the same shafts and shaft flex throughout. I don't carry hybrids, but my 3w, Driver, and irons are all from different manufacturers (Callaway, Titleist, and Cobra, respectively).
HotBacon says:
1a) When I casually discuss wedges (such as when hitting a shot and someone asks what I hit), I always refer to the "name" of the wedge.
1b) If I am shopping for a wedge, I shop by loft. How else will you know your loft/distance gaps in between clubs, and how to pick a wedge to fit in that gap?
1c) I try to find the right club to hit a distance I want the ball to go. Preferably the lofts will be evenly spaced, but it all depends on how I hit that specific club.

2a) I use my PW for shots other than full swing shots.
2b) Each shot varies based on the shot required and the lie. I prefer to use my 56* because I have confidence in it, but it all requires on the actual shot required.
2c) I use my 60* wedge the most, and my 52* wedge the least.
HotBacon says:
3a) I do not have a matching wedge set. The SW and LW are Taylor Made, the GW is Titleist, and the PW is Ping.
3b) My PW is part of my iron set, so it matches them. The rest of the wedges are totally unmatched, although they all do have the TT DG wedge flex shafts in them.
3c) My hybrid does not match either my irons or fairway wood.
boniface says:
Sand and Lob
Shop by numbers
Determine by demo results

P club for chipping and full swing
I love my lob for greenside
Lob gets the most use, pitching the least

Wedges match and have same flex as irons
rest of clubs are mixed bag, whatever feels nice and hits the gaps right
zli says:
1. Usually I'll answer by name (pitching, gap, sand)

2. I will shop by number -- especially after reading so many of your articles

3. I feel like the most loft I need is about 56/57, so I will build the rest the other two wedges by a 4-degree difference from there

4. I use my p club for half swings and chipping as well

5. Usually my eidolon sand wedge (56 degree)

6. Sand wedge is most used. Gap wedge is the least

7. No. I have an eidolon but the other two are from ping

8. The two from ping matches with the rest of the iron set but the eidolon one is standalone

9. No they don't match unfortunately
ellmnopyon says:
1.•By the wedge name (ex. “sand wedge”)
•Evenly spaced out from pitching wedge loft to lob wedge loft
•Varies based on the shot at hand
•Same shaft and flex
smudryk says:
1.a.By the wedge name for those labelled as such and by number for those labelled as such
1.c.Spaced out for determined distances
2.b.Based on the shot at hand
2.c.Titleist Vokey 56 degree
3.a.No. Two Ping G10 (P & U) from iron set purchase. Two Titleist Vokey (56 & 60)
3.b.Two Ping do. Two Titleists do not.
3.c.No. Taylormade Rescue hybrid and Ping G10 fairway woods and irons.
Don Black says:
1. Always refer to true wedge by degree of loft as opposed to PW of iron set which I just refer to as pitching wedge (45 degree loft).
Shop by loft number, but also by bounce.
Try to keep reasonable playing gaps between wedges.

2. PW from set (45 degree Ping G 15) mostly used for full shots, but could be used for shorter chips just like 7, 8 or 9 irons.
Use 50 degree for most around green or partial pitches except for sand and lobs.
50 degree gets most use; 45 degree pw gets least use.

3. 45 degree is Ping G 15 from set; 50 degree is Eidolon48 bent to 50 degrees; and 56 degree is Eidolon. All have graphite regular flex shafts.
Hybrids are old Callaway heavenwoods (3,4,5) 4 wood is Wishon 949, Driver is Taylormade 2007 Burner.
Virtuaframax says:
Section 1:
- when my friend asks what i hit, I usually reply with sand or gap, not the loft.
- I shop for wedges by number, meaning the loft and bounce
- I look at what my pitching wedge loft is and add 4-5 degrees to get to the gap wedge loft, then 4 more for the sand and 4 more for a lob wedge
Section 2:
- I actually use my P club for the 120yds full shot and chocked down for the 110 full. Everything between 100-80 is taken care by the gap wedge. anything else is either a full sand wedge shot or pitches with the sand wedge as well.
- My go to wedge is the 56 degrees/sand wedge. it's used for everything around the green and for pitches
- The sand wedge/56 degrees is my most used wedge. The least used is my 60 degrees/lob.
Section 3:
- All my wedges are Titleist with the same TT wedge shaft. The difference among them is the bouce. my 56 and 52 have very close bounces (10-11), while my 60 is 04 of bounce.
- My wedges are the same brand as my irons, the shaft on my irons is Stiff, and wedges are wedge flex
Virtuaframax says:
- hybrid and woods don't match in shaft but flow for the degrees and the distances i hit them. I am actually in the process to switch my 3W to match the weight of my hybrid shaft. Both wood and hybrid have the same stiff flex as the irons, but with graphite shafts
Agustin says:
1. I respond with the Loft of the wedge I hit. I shop by the number as well. I decide base on the distance at full swing as well as the bounce I need. I carry at least one high bounce wedge; typically the second highest lofted wedge I carry.

2. Yes, I also chip with the P wedge (a 47° Ping S56). I vary the wedge according to the Shot. the 58° wedge gets the most use.

3. No, I hit several and then decide based on the results (full swing distance, pitch, chip and sand shots performance). Same flex DG S300 for the low lofted wedges (47° and 52°), Wedge flex for the 58° and 64°.
Hybrid matched FW and Driver; not irons.
TR1PTIK says:
1. I play with an older set of Titleist clubs and typically refer to my wedges by name since all but my lob wedge are indicated with a letter. I'm not "techie" enough to instantly know the difference between lofts anyway. This also affects how I shop for wedges, but since I can't afford new I usually buy used from GlobalGolf.com where they list most wedges both ways.

2. I usually select clubs based on distance and lie, and will mix it up when I'm closer to the green depending on the shot I want: bump-n-run or flop etc. I rarely use my pitching wedge at all anymore though I have tried to use it more immediately around the green. My go to wedge has to be my sand wedge. The only club I hit better is driver and I've learned to hit my sand wedge just about every way possible.

3. All of my clubs are Titliest, which I pieced together. I have a 9.5* 983K Dr, 13* 980F Strong 3W, 3i-SW are DTRs (I bought the sand wedge separate and it has a different flex), 60* LW Vokey Raw, and a Dead Center putter.
Bryan K says:
1a: I refer to my wedges by name with one new exception. I have a pitching club, which I commonly refer to as my pitch. I have a gap wedge, and I have a lob wedge. However, since my 55* wedge from Eidolon isn't a true sand wedge, I tend to refer to it as my 55*.

1b. I shop for lofts.

1c. Equal gaps. I currently play a 46* pitch, and as long as I'm playing old grooves, I want a 60* in my bag. The other two clubs are determined by the closest to equal increments I can find. The result is 50*, 55*, and 60*.
Bryan K says:
2a. I will occasionall use my pitch for long chips that need a lot of roll but little loft.

2b. My 60* lob wedge is my go to club, and it's the club in my bag that tends to get the most use (besides maybe my putter). If I was playing new grooves, I'd probably havea 58* lob wedge instead as my go to club. However, I vary which wedge I use for greenside shots based on how much roll I want to get out of the ball after it lands.

2c. My lob wedge is easily the wedge that gets the most use. My pitch, my gap, and my 55* wedge probably all get the same amount of use.
Bryan K says:
3a. My pitch is an Adams Tour Pro, but my other three wedges are all Eidolons. And they all match.

3b. The only thing my irons and wedges have in common is they all have stiff shafts.

3c. My hybrid comes from the same set as my middle irons. They are the Adams Tight Lies with a deep cavity. My short irons (8-P) are the Adams Tour Pros with a shallow cavity. If I could design my own iron set, I'd create a gradually deeper cavity with each lower club all the way up to blades for pitch through the wedges.
MAQ says:
1. a) When my buddy asks I usually reply flippantly like oh I just hit my 3 iron cause he usually hitting his sand wedge when I'm hitting my 9 iron.
b) I shop by the loft number on the club, but expect a sand wedge to be 54-56 degree
c) I just took a wild guess what would be appropriate for me.

2. a) Not a long hitter my Pitching wedge is only good for 100-110 yds, but I will often try to shorten my back swing and velocity for shots that fall in the 85-90 yard range.
b) I pretty much try to judge that by location and yardage from the green
c) I would have to say that my 64 degree gets the most use, and the 56 degree sand wedge gets the least use.

3. a) My clubs are a set by Adams so they all match from Driver down to PW
No all my wedges do not match the PW is from Adams and I think it is a 46 degree but not sure, my other 2 wedges where added sedately as I began to play.
b) No , my Sand wedge is a 56 and has a pretty radical design and looks really odd to most, (made by a company
windowsurfer says:
Whoa!! - gotta concentrate: 1 - i say 50 and 60, but don't say 56 -- say sand wedge for that one. Shop by loft. determine PW and work up from there, sticking to 55-57 for sand wedge. 2 - PW = full and also shorten it and reduce swing rather than jumping on my 50*. Ditto 9i and PW -- try to swing scoring irons @ 80%. Greenside I vary. 50* most, 56* least (unless I'm in an unusually lg # of bunkers) 3 - wedges match (but i have mixed sometimes.) Same brand-shaft-flex-head (forged) and grips. Hybrids are diff brand, diff shaft mat, and R not S. Look fwrd to seeing the compiled results.

If i bought new cavity back irons, I'd want a combo set with blades for the PW, 9 and 8.
Dogberry says:
1a. On the rare occasion I hit a nice wedge shot and somebody asks, I use the name of the wedge.
1b. I shop for wedges by number.
1c. I want my wedges to have 5 degree gaps from pitching wedge up, so I go 51, 56, 61
2. I don't use my pithing wedge for anything but full shots. My gap wedge gets the most use around the green and for other short shots. My lob wedge gets the least use, but when I need it I really NEED it.
3a. My wedges are all from the same company and are all set up the same.
3b. My wedges and irons are from different companies, but have the same shafts and grips.
3c. My fairway wood is from a different company than my hybrids and irons.
Snowmannn says:
1 Pitch, Gap or Sand. Don't own a lob.
2 It's been awhile, but probably number.

3. By the distance the pitching and gap wedge hit it. I don't generally use my sand wedge for it's full distance capability.
4 Yes. It is certainly an option for short pitches or chips depending on the lie and shot required.
5 I do.. lacking any specific constraints or shot requirements that make one club a better choice than another, I tend to choose my sand wedge.
6 The most use-my sand wedge simply due to missing greens requiring short pitches. If I could chip I'd probably use anything between a P and a 5 iron. The least amount of use-pitching wedge.
7 Yes, same as the irons- Cobra brand.. the model eludes me at the moment.
8 Yes, they are all the same. I've changed the grips
9 No, they do not. I've the Adams brand hybrids which I felt worked best for me when I hit them at the range before buying them. I've not been disappointed.
rpduenas says:
1a. Degree.
1b. Number.
1c. Varying degrees for specific full swing distances.

2a. Yes, bump and run.
2b. Vary a lot, would chose the 52 as a fall back.
2c. It’s pretty even, would say 60 the least, 52 the most.

3a. 3 of the 4 do, am experimenting with different bounce though.
3b. Nope, don't think so.
3c. One hybrid is same company as irons. Second hybrid is same company as my odd wedge. Fairway wood and driver are the same company and stiffness. Grips are all as they came from the manufacturer.
DougE says:
Most of the time, I carry 52/56/60, all the same design, shaft and custom grip which is the same grip as all other clubs in bag except putter. They are referred to by loft degree, not G,S or L. Sometimes play 54 and 58 in place of 52/56/60 when I want to play an extra hybrid or wood.

I chip mostly with P off short grass, 52 or 56 from greenside rough. 60 for flops. 52, 56 or 60 from sand, depending on distance. Use P, 52, 56 and 60 for most pitch shots. Know and trust my distances with each club using a variety of swing lengths.

Typically bump and run with 7i or 8i, though have more confidence in distances with more traditional style chip, so only B&R in certain situations.

All irons of one design and all wedges same type design. All irons and wedges same brand. Titleist 755 Forged/Titleist Vokey Spin-Milled Wedges.

Driver: Callaway (for now), Fairway Woods (Titleist), Hybrids (Adams)

Heard good things about Eidolon wedges. Curious to feel their difference.
stedar says:
1a. P - 46deg, S - 54deg and lob 60deg.
1b. How they feel and look when at the store - then web-search and find reviews from users, plus your column.
1c.Distance control, full swing approach is easier and consistent.

2a. The P is used for 100-110m and also closer to the green for a pitch and run shot if the approach is off.
2b. I use all irons for chip and run - rule of 12 that I read about on oobgolf. It works for me, but a few others I've shown don't get the ratio thing.
2c. I use the 60deg most, with the PW and SW used about the same.

3a. The PW and SW are the same Brand, the 60deg is a recent add on, based on your column I thought I needed it. Funny - it is the most used club in the bag as I'm always getting to under 90m (100yrds) and the SW is my go to club for the 90 - 100m approach.
3b. The PW and SW are from the same set I bought 20 odd years ago. The 60deg is an entirely different technology. All shafts are the same.
3c. No hybrids - Driver, 3W & 5W are same Brand(bought new Driver recently)
bashworth says:
When I get asked I reply with the club I used and my assessment of the shot (a flop 60* or my bump and run 52*)
I shop for both I'm weird about having my clubs all match each other so I probably start with the brand and then look at the lofts I want.
I start with my lob wedge (60*) and space it out to my PW, 60 56 52 48, perfect.
Usually the PW is for full shots but I have on occasion used it for my bump and run off the fringe or fairway.
Most times I take my 60* and 56* to the green and let my lie and shot selection decide which to use.
I would say I use my 60* most and my PW least due to not being 125 out very often.
Nike driver, 4 wood, hybrid and wedges with Titleist irons. All clubs I play are in stiff flex.

Can't wait to try out the feel of an Eidolon Wedge in my future.
stedar says:
Regarding the Q "your buddy asks what you hit" I found that the info isn't helpful. I mean a guy hitting a PW 150m and me hitting a 6 Iron. What I did learn is that if you close the face of a PW you can hit it that far, however, once you get closer, you run out of clubs to use... Getting a smooth swing and keeping the face open to create a nice loft, the distance gets easier to judge and the game gets easier to play. Also with the face of club and body alignment square to target I found it easier to create a fade and a draw by changing body position when needed. Just my 2c worth :-)
dtak84 says:
1a. My first instinct is to just say the degree of the club, but then catch myself and tell them what respective name it would have. ie. 56 = sand wedge

1b. I shop by degrees.

1c. I go from the iron set in my bag. I'll build off the lowest and highest irons and determine what wedges and woods I'll start tinkering with. From there, I'll fine tune in an attempt to get consistent distance gaps.

2a. I rarely use it for a chip if I have a ton of green to work with.

2b. I'm trying to change my tendency of using my 60* wedge for all chips/pitches to a wider variety, from 9i-60*.

2c. 60* wedge gets used most often with my 52* wedge getting used the least often.

3a. Nope. pw is an R9. 52/56 are Eidolon. 60* is an xFT.

3b. PW came with the set. Otherwise, only other similarity is shaft stiffness.

3c. Actually don't own hybrids.
Matt F says:
1a. I reply by name even though my wedges are numbered.

1b. By number...I don't really want a 9 iron that's called a wedge.

1c. I want a 4* difference in wedges and because I'm rebuilding my bag to be more of a traditional lofted set not modern lofted.

2a. Yes. 1/2 shots and bump and runs.

2b. Varies based on the shot...could use and 8 iron for long bump and runs or an open 56* for a flop type shot.

2c. 52* or Gap gets used the most. 56* or Sand wedge the least.

3a. Yes. All 3 are Eidolon.

3b. Maybe shaft flex, but that's it.

3c. Hybrid and 3 wood match somewhat, same company and flex. (Although hybrid shafts from the manufacturer are usually fairway shafts) Irons are the same manufacturer but flex and material are different.
heikkih says:
a) Depends, sometimes I use Gap for 52deg, Sand for 56deg and Lob for 60deg. And vice versa. Different clubs are marked differently so there is no common ground here. However, Pitch is just pitch (even if I know mine is 45deg)
b) Number in loft and bounce.
c) Different usage. See b) Right now I have a 52/8, a 56/12 and a 60/4 in my badge.

2. Do you use your “P club” for anything but full swing shots?
a) Yes, both for pitching and chipping as well.
b) Varies. From 7-iron, P or any of my wedges. Depends on how much green there is to work with, how the rough is etc. If I'm unsure I'll just grab the 56-deg.
c) 56deg is used most, but just barely ahead of 52 and 60.
a) The wedges I have in my bag at the moment are all in same brand/style.
b) Same brand as my irons.
c) Hybrid and FW match eachoter, but are different to iron and wedges. This will probably change.

Cheers :)
golf4all says:
1. Not wanting to sound too geeky and keeping in mind that the person asking was merely inquiring to get a general idea I usually ans in PW, Gap etc. When I am shopping for wedges I usually go by loft and bounce for the type of course I am playing. I always play the early tee times when the course is a bit wet so I shop acrdngly. I manage my game hole bkwards so I am normally hitting to cmfrtbl dist from the pin, which makes it easier to decide on wedges.
2. I use my P club for a lot of bump and runs arnd the green. My go to wedge was my lob till about 2 years ago and I was good with it around the greens but now I use a variety of clubs around the green just to play a high % game. I would say my PW and Gap(52) get the most use now.
3. I play Mizuno MP-32 3 thru PW,driver. Sonartec 3 and 5 wood. Taylor made tp rac 52 (GAP) and Vokey 60 as lob. I use my vokey out of the sand a lot.
The grips are same on all the clubs, I bought each one i.e. 3 and 5 wood and the 52 and 60 because it felt great in my hand.
infoblues says:
Due to space limit, I will answer in 2-3 posts:
- I usually reply by degree. If the question itself is loaded e.g. whether I used a P or G, I tend to elaborate that my P (in my case the E actually since they are BH Apex from early 90s) is the equivalent of the modern G.

- Definitely by number and bounce. I am scared of a lot of bounce in my wedges because I get visions of thinned shots. Thats especially important for me because I am more of a pitcher than a chipper.

- My last wedge has to be a 64* with very low bounce (2*-4*), again because I am more of a pitcher than a chipper. Between that and the 50* / 52* PW (which is part of and matched to the iron set), I would ideally like to own 3 wedges - 56* high bounce, 58* high bounce, 60* intermediate bounce. This way I can select a total of 3 or 4 wedges depending on how many slots I have left in the bag after selecting the other clubs. In case I need 4, I can have the 52* P, 56*, 60* and 64*. In case I need 3, I can replace the 56* and 60* with the 58*.
infoblues says:
- By "P" club, if you mean the modern "P" club, which would be the 8i or 9i for me, then I use it mostly for full swing shots. I use my "P" club for all shots 50 - 85 yards.

- For most greenside shots less than 20 yards, my goto club is the 64*. For anything between 20 to 50 yards it would be the 52*, 56* or 60* based on the lie, rough, pitch vs. chip requirement, etc.

- My 64* gets the most use (60%) followed by 52* (30%) and the rest split between 56* and 60*.
infoblues says:
- Well, they did not till recently. After reading your post on how important it is for the wedges to match among themselves, and the irons in material, weight and flex, I bought myself a very inexpensive (I am still not ready to spend a lot on wedges; finding used wedges in regular flex is so hard and a matching set on top of that) set of pre-assembled matching zinc wedges (56*, 60* and 64*).

- They don't have any labels on their shafts but do seem to have similar weight and flex characteristics to my iron set and the "P" wedge.

- The hybrids do not match my fairway woods or my irons. Ideally, I would have preferred them to match the FWs. But finding the right hybrid has been very difficult for me because most of them seem to have their faces closed so much that I keep hooking them all the time. If I open the face too much, I feel like I will skull the ball. I have finally found 2 hybrids which I can keep. I will be on the lookout for matching FWs, but until then, my current ones are pretty good.
Mr_X says:
(1) (a) I will answer with wedge name and degree. (b)The next time I go shopping for wedges it will be by face angle and bounce. (c)For a long time I did not carry a 60* wedge in my bag. I played 48, 52 and 56 only. Last year I bought my first house. I practiced all winter on my chipping and little pitch shots. I got good with finesse shots under 15 yards with my 60*. I have realized that I did not use my 52* gap wedge exclusively for one distance or shot. Anything I was going to hit with that club I would have the same success with either my sand 48* or 56*. I pulled the 52 to have room for another hybrid. To answer the question, I keep wedges in the bag that allow me to have some distance control from 120 in and different bounces for different types of lies and shots.
Mr_X says:
(2)Picking a wedge for a shot really is a matter of the lie and the type of shot I want to make. I use my 48 for most longer pitches and longer chip shots. It is my preferred bump and run club from 80 yards in. My 56 is my preferred club for sand shots around the green, 20 - 40 yard pitches and any short shot where the ball is sitting up in the grass. My 60* is my go to club for any shot that is going to fly only 10 - 20 yards. It is also my 15 foot chipping club and preferred lob shot club.

(3) My wedges are all Cleveland of various models with TT Dynamic Gold plus 1/2 ". My irons are Cleveland CG2 with the same shaft specs. My Adams hybrids do not match my Cleveland fairway woods or irons.
toddmok says:
- I always call wedges by their loft
- I also always shop by loft
- I try to balance my lofts as much as possible so don't have any gaps. So I have 60, 56, 52, and 47 for my pitching wedge (witch I call pitching wedge for some reason).

- I mainly use my pitching wedge for full swings or when I have a bump and run situation I may use it or a 9 or 8 iron.
- I use whichever club I feel most confident in for the shot at hand. However...
- I usually use my 56 as my go to wedge when I am around the green but that is because I like the grind for the shortest grass. My least used wedge would have to be my 60 degree as I normally only use it in the sand when I want the ball to stop as soon as possible.

- My wedges all match each other in their shafts. However, I have a different grind on my 56 so it doesn't have as much bounce
- My wedges are similar to my irons in their shafts however, they are not matched per se.
- My hybrids match my fairway wood in their shaft type and flex but not my irons.
DoubleDingo says:
For me it depends on the wedges in the bag. If I am carrying wedges that were purchased with loft and bounce, I'll say what the loft is. If I am carrying wedges from the set, I'll say Pitching Wedge, Attack Wedge, or Sand Wedge because they are labeled with "P", "A", and "S".

I tend to use any club for any given shot around the green. I like putting the longer clubs if the shot requires it; or a nice half-swing pitch with any of the wedges to get to a desired distance, i.e., Half-swing "P" gets me a soft 70 yard shot with minimal roll. It all depends on the conditions and shot required.

Depending on which driver I am using, yes it matches the set. If it's my Cobra it doesn't, my persimmon yes. I haven't re-gripped all of my clubs to match the new purchases, but my irons from 3i to SW all have matching grips and shafts. The woods don't match the iron's grips but they match shafts(TT Dynalite R-Flex). All clubs are steel shafted except for the Cobra driver.
duffer127 says:
1. (a)Respond to playing partners by degree of wedge (b)Shop wedge by number, but I'm pretty set in carrying at 52*, 56*, and 60* (c) Went with the lofts because my P iron is 46*, so tried to go up in loft consistently.
2. (a)No, P iron is only for 125-130 yard full swing shots (b)Go to wedge around the green is the 56* (c)Use the 56* most, 60* least. 60* I use only when I need to hit flop shots or get of out the bunker.
3. (a)No, 52* and 56* are mizuno MP-T10 and 60* is Vokey spin milled (b)No, all wedges are stock off the shelf (c)No, bag is basically a collection of manufacturers.
AbsolutHoltz says:
What is this "wedge" club? I just use a driver and putter.
cph2133 says:
1a. Either "wedge" (pitching), or the number (58, 52)
1b. Number
1c. My "pitching wedge" is 46*, so I also carry a 52* and 58* (both Vokeys). I just went 6* intervals, seemed to make sense.

2a. Occasionally, but not usually.
2b. Varies by the shot; but typically the 58*
2c. I use my pitching wedge (which is marked W, not P) the least of the 3. Probably my 58* the most.

3a. My P wedge is part of the iron set (i15s), but other two wedges are Vokeys
3b. Nope, not even the grips
3c. Nope. Callaway FTi driver, Cleveland Halo 2 hybrid, Callaway FT Fusion 3 hybrid, Ping i15 irons. I'll likely get rid of the Halo (first hybrid I bought years ago, and I don't even hit it. Feel more comfortable with the Callaway, and the lofts are only 4 degrees different, not a lot of loss on distance).
LongTimeAway says:
1a. I reply by distance.
1b. Shop by number.
1c. Buy a wedge at about 56 degrees and fill from there to match until I get to the irons.

2a. Yes. I used the Pelz method.
2b. Vary based on shot using Pelz method.
2c. 56 degree is used most.

3a. No. 56 degree EIDOLON.
3b. 50 degree "gap" wedge and 45 degree "pitching" wedge are part of iron set.
3c. Hybrid and fairway metals match: maker, graphite shafts, and grips. They do not match irons: different maker and light steel shafts. Driver, hybrids/metals, irons and EIDOLON have different makers, shafts, and grips
snuffyword says:
1a. I reply by the name of the club.
1b. I shop by number.
1c. I try to cover the 10-15 yards spread and it has worked with the 4-5* spread of loft.

2a. I mostly use my P for full shots.
2b. My "go to" wedge is my 56* Eidolon but I also use my 9-iron for chipping and mostly my 60* Vokey for bunkers.
2c. My 56* gets the most use and my 60* gets the least.

3a/b. My P and G wedges match my irons because they were part of the MX-300 set with the same steel shafts and flex.
3c. I play Nickent hybrids with steel shafts and Sonartec 3- and 5-woods with graphite shafts.
knh555 says:
No real go-to club. Club choice is determined by the shot - lie, carry, roll, but often use the 8, 9, and 50* P a lot around the green. I like my Hogan irons around the green and think that very few people consider this aspect of their irons when choosing a new set. For years I carried a 56* and 62* but have switched to a 54* and 60*. Thinking of dropping the 60* for a 58* which I do not have in my current inventory.

My PW match the irons. Have Carnoustie wedges in 52, 54, 56, and 60 and another matched 56/62 set. I like my wedges to match.

Using stock wedge shafts, but might match my irons soon. Previously played Ping ISI with matched irons/wedge shafts (JZ-stiff) liked the seamless matching.
Grips match throughout the set of course.

Still deciding on hybrids vs. long irons. Using Hogan CFT - liked them and found them at a steal. Have the 1, 3, and 4 but typically only carry one or two. I like my 3i enough and only recently dropped the 2i. Like Ping woods and will carry a driver and 3 or 4 wood.
dc8ce says:
I usually reply with the loft for anything other than my PW. When shopping for wedges, I am looking at the numbers to fill in the gaps from my stock PW (45°) to a “LW” (58-60°). Currently, I’m doing that with a 52°, 56°, and 60°. However, I might get them bent stronger to better fill the gaps.

In the past, the PW was for full shots only. My “go to” wedge for most pitches/chips is my 52°. However, if I don’t have a lot of green to work with I’ll switch to the 60°. Those two end up being the wedges I use the most.

Currently my wedges match each other (Cleveland CG14s). They are the standard wedge flex that Cleveland offers, but I might try to match the shafts of my new irons. Everything I had in my bag previously was Cleveland. However, I’m going through a full bag fitting with GolfTec and my new irons are Taylormade. The driver/fairways/hybrids are still up in the air; I start fitting them near the end of May. The wedges and putter are Cleveland and will likely stay that way.
onedollarwed says:
1: Answer by degree (and pre-eidolon, by bounce also), Shop by degree, I get the highest lofted club that I can hit well, and the split the degrees down to the iron set (previously 60, 56, 52, 47(Pi), now 59, 55, 51, 47, 43 (9i))
2: P is used for greenside or bump and run chips, greenside shots or chips are always the lowest loft of the wedges (unless I need to carry a feature, or get a ton of spin, Use depends on the round, but highest lofted gets most pitches, and shorter spin shots.
3: Previously: Mizuno Driver (stiff fibre shaft), Mizuno F-50 fairway woods -stiff steel shafts, Mp-60 stiff heavy steel shafts, and vokey wedges heavy stiff steel shafts. Now: Callaway driver, baffler hybrid, cleveland hybrid (all stiff fibre shafts), Same MP-60s (heavy stiff shafts), and now 4 Eidolon wedges with matching shafts, and blended lengths, lies, and lofts to the MP-60 specs!!!
carbod says:
1. I would reply with either Pitching Wedge or Sand Wedge, as that's all I have.
2. Definitely drop by degree.
3. I would just try to have them separate by 4-5 degrees.

4. Yes, I use it for chipping and three quarter swing shots too.
5. I vary it sometimes for bump and run, but usually use the PW.
6. Pitching most, sand least.

7. No, my PW is from my iron set and the SW is a vokey.
8. Pretty much they are completely different.
9. My hybrids are callaway and have very similar shafts to my driver and fairway woods which are callaway so yes the matching is much better there.
joshwelborn says:
1. Aside from my P club, which came with my irons, I refer to and shop for my wedges by loft. I choose them based on keeping the gaps consistent with my short irons.

2. I use my P club for full swings almost exclusively, just like a short iron. I would be more prone to use a short (7 or 8) iron to chip than the P club. I use the 3 numbered wedges for a variety of shots and lengths of swing. I choose my wedge around the green based on the particulars of the shot. My 56* club gets the most use as I use it for any shot from the fairway which is between 30 and 90 yards.

3. My wedges to not all match by brand (I have one Eidolon but have not yet replaced two Clevelands that I've had for a few years). The Eidolon was built, and the Clevelands re-shafted, to match the Nippon 950 stiff shafts that are in my irons. As for the hybrid, I am having a new one built that will match this as well.
...the Murseless says:
1a) by loft degree, mostly.
b) By distance gap, but taking into consideration bounce and greenside behaviour.
c) Again, by their behaviour - partly distance gaps at 80% swing, partly greenside behaviour
2a)Yes. Heck, I even use my 5-iron for bump and run and my hybrid for apron putting sometimes.
b) Mostly 54*, but it really depends on if I short-sided myself, or if I have some green to work with.
c) in decreasing order: 54*, 'P', 58*, 50*
3a) Yes - aside from my 'P', which matches my short irons.
b) same flex
c) no: no matches on the longer clubs
8thehardway says:
I shop by loft, usually reply by name.
I have a Chikara 60*, RAC TP 56 and 52*
I use my PW only for full shots; it's part of a super game improvement set and seems like another iron. If fact, this raises a basic question - what makes a wedge different from an iron?
sshadow2 says:
1a. I call it by name: "Gap", "Lob", etc.
1b. I shop by number, especially since not every brand makes all 3 lofts: 50, 54, 58.
1c. 4* difference starting at 50*.

2a. I use my PW for all shots except pitching (ironic right?)
2b. I mostly use SW for center green, GW for back green, and LW for front green shots.
2c. I use my SW the most, the LW the least.

3a. I match brand and model for SW and LW. PW is with iron set and GW can be a different model from the SW and LW.
3b. I started looking into similar shafts and flex. But currently no. Only PW matches irons.
3c. Currently hybrid does match irons, but I don't make it a requirement.
dlygrisse says:
1. What’s it called?

When you hit a wedge shot and your buddy asks what you hit, how do you reply? Pitch, Gap, Sand or Lob

If you are shopping for wedges, do you shop by number or name? Number

How do you determine what loft numbers you want to have in your bag? my set has a 46 degree pw and 50 degree U wedge, I added a 54 and 58


Do you use your “P club” for anything but full swing shots? Yes I chip a lot with the P, especially from light rough around the green

Do you have a “go to” wedge for most greenside shots, or do you vary that based on the shot at hand? I use the 58 degree for many shots around the green and for most pitches, lobs, bunkers and from the rough or when spin is needed.
Which one of your wedges gets the most use? the 58* The least? THE 50*

3. Do they match? P and U wedge match the set (Ping I15, the SW is a Ping Tour W and the Lob is a Vokey) The P,U, S have the same shaft, grip and brand, the L(58) has a DG shaft and the same grip
hail_2_da_skins says:
When I hit a wedge shot and your buddy asks what you hit, I reply pitching, approach, sand or lob wedge.
I shop by number, I want my wedges evenly spaced.
I have matching set of wedges. PW 46, AW 50, SW 55 and LW 60.
No. I use PW for full shots only.
I vary my wedges based on lie, obstacles, green elevation and distance from fringe to cup. Bump and run with 8 iron, long chip with AW, short chip with SW or LW.
I use the SW most, and the LW least.
Yes, all my wedges match. PW, AW and SW are Nike Slingshot 4d. LW is Nike forged.
Yes, my wedges and irons are the same brand, shafts and flex.
My hybrids match my irons. I have Nike Sumo hybrid irons, my woods are TaylorMade Burner.
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