End of Season?
I was out of pocket all weekend, away on a hunting trip far from newspapers, so I didn’t learn of the icy blast that hit the northeast until yesterday. My heart goes out to all of you who were ushered into winter with a shocking blow. Hope all is restored to normal soon.

That made me think about how many of you have to put up the sticks for several months each year – how awful that must be. Makes me thankful to live in South Texas where we just have to dodge the inclement weather a day or two at a time. Cold northers can make things miserable from now til March, but we wait ‘em out and it’s nice again within a couple of days.

If you’re one of those who sees the 2011 golf season slamming to a halt, why not take the next few months of off season to give yourself a chance to re-build, re-fresh and re-new your golf game for 2012? Why not make a commitment to do the indoor things necessary to make next year your best ever? The golf swing is much more easily learned without a ball in the way, and changes to your technique can be completely ingrained indoors through the winter months.

You can work on posture and alignment, developing a better starting position. You can work on making those fundamental grip changes that will give your shotmaking consistency a boost. Putting and short game technique drills and improvements can also be achieved indoors, along with working on your pace and rhythm in the short game.

And one of the most dramatic improvements to your 2012 golf can be affected by spending the winter months working on your flexibility and strength. You can research the internet for plenty of exercises that will lead to better golf core strength and stretching exercises to keep or improve your late-season form.

So, I’d like to ask you to ask me ... what do you want to know? What can I do to help? I don’t hear from you as often as I used to, so fill my email inbox, OK? I write this column every Tuesday and Friday for YOU ... ALL of you. And I’d rather write about what you ask, than just pick topics on my own. Please???
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homermania says:
As the golf season comes to a close... a single tear is frozen to my cheek.
mjaber says:
I actually like that I get to put the clubs away for a while. I honestly don't even think about them much once the cold and snow hit. I've got football on the TV, a 1 year old daughter who has way too much energy, stuff to do around the house, and a very fun time coming up with the holidays (and the aforementioned 1 year old). This will be the first time she kinda gets holidays and I think it's going to be a blast. I'll pull the sticks out in March or April, when everything is thawed and dried out, and have a nice time hacking my way around the local courses again.
birdieXris says:
I use the winter to work on my putting stroke and my overall grip and hand position. If there's a warm snap and the snow melts, i head out to whatever muni is open.
Agustin says:
Don't hate me for it but the best weather for golf in Mexico is just starting. tI will be High 70s to low 80s (during the day) without a cloud in the sky for the next 6 months :)
unmnorth says:
I think alignment is an important findamental. Do you have any suggestions? Aside from asking someone to check my alignment, is there something else that I can do by myself? Thanks. BTW, I got the 48 degree wedge, love it!
DoubleDingo says:
I play in weather as cold as the mid 30's as long as the sun is shining and the wind isn't blowing.
windowsurfer says:
@ Augustin: in the words of Tina Fey, "I want to go to there." This winter, I will play in the wet and work on my mental game, in particular the Zen mantra: Don't complain . . . about anything . . . even to yourself.
TeT says:
Started my winter today changing grip from interlock to overlap...
Joness says:
Just finished winter here in Melbourne and our real golf season is just starting. We play through the winter but it can be cold and wet and our course got very muddy this year. We have played preferred lies for the past few months. I just treat these winter rounds as practice. It gives me a chance to try different shots and to work on a few aspects of my game. I find my normal short game of flopping the ball high is too risky in the winter. Anything fat goes nowhere. So I tend to work more on hitting the ball lower and putting more spin on. Terrys articles have been invaluable here. Hopefully I can take some of these shots into our summer and watch my scores come down.
Shallowface says:
TeT, that's interesting. I'm going to be changing from ten finger to interlock.
I started with interlock as a teenager, switched to overlap and struggled with it for the next 15 years (just don't have the finger size to make it work). Wanted to go back to interlock and couldn't get comfortable with it, so I've played the last ten years with a ten finger grip. However, in the last few weeks, I've been messing with the interlock and it feels comfortable again.
Why are you making your switch?
DoubleDingo says:
@shallowface: I was a baseball (10 finger) grip person for so long I cannot recall how many years it was. In 2007 I switch over to the overlap grip after reading Ben Hogan's 5 Steps book. I faded and sliced the ball for almost 3 full years after that but now I draw it or hit it straight and it feels natural. Stick with it, you'll see good results.
Dusty23 says:
once we can't play anymore for the year, i'll focus on trying to stay in shape and flexibility, got a lot of back issues, so its a focus year round, i'll also try to swing my Orange Whip and do some carpet putting
Tim Horan says:
I changed my grip to a ten finger baseball grip for a short while to cure a hook and ingrain less wrist action. I had got some unwanted wrist flip into the swing. Once the feeling that grip gave me in the forearms was learned I switched back to the overlap. In order of wrist action Overlap,Interlock and least action Baseball grip. Since discovered that most of the problem came from alignment issues at address and the swing path to horizontal. The club and hands were getting trapped behind and as a consequence I was coming out of my angles and trying to recover the shot with the hands.
rey1961 says:
I am "Thankful" like Terry as in SoCal we play pretty much year-round. Heading out to Hawaii (big island) next week and a chance to play. Also my first time playing there! Weather predicted to be low to mid 80's. So, book that flight and forget about the weather back home!
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