It's Not Your Fault
This game is hard enough without doing things that just make it more difficult to hit the shots you need, wouldn't you agree? One of the great things about golf is that there is always a wide selection of new clubs, shoes, balls and other accessories that are designed to make the game easier. And for the most part, we golfers are a pretty aggressive group of consumers when it comes to seeking out that driver or fairway that gives us a few more yards, that putter that gives us just a bit more confidence, those irons that are just a bit more forgiving ...

So, the big question is why have we been made to suffer at the short end of their sets? Why do wedges of today bear an almost identical design to those of 40-50 years ago? Why do they have built in deficiencies that no amount of practice can overcome? Why?

The "sand wedge" was invented in the 1930s, and its wide sole and very low center of mass made escaping the sand a whole new process. Instead of trying to pick the ball out of the sand with their narrow-soled niblick, golfers learned to "blast" the ball from the bunkers with this new-found magic wand. The game changed dramatically, and Ben Hogan and his peers learned that this magical little weapon was also a very useful pitching club at close range. But Hogan wrote in his 1949 book, Power Golf, that he considered the sand wedge a 25-yard club, maximum of 40 yards. He was well aware that the low center of mass and very thin upper section of this club gave it limitations, and made it ill-suited to full swing use.

So, fast forward to today's "power game" we all play, and you find golfers of normal skills routinely pulling a wedge of 50-60 degrees for full swing shots all the time. Tour players will stretch those out to 120 yards or more. And these wedges look and work almost just like Hogan's.

So what do they, you and all golfers get? The all-too-frequent ballooning trajectory and inconsistent distance control. Well, there's consolation there, because it's not your fault!

SCOR Golf recently conducted independent robotic testing of the top two selling wedges and our own SCOR4161, and the results were pretty eye-opening. On misses as small as one quarter inch high of the sweet spot, the top two selling wedges ... designs that look pretty much like everyone else's wedges ... consistently came up 34-38 feet short! Shot after shot, even "Iron Byron" could not overcome this built-in deficiency of the modern wedge.

Oh, and the SCOR4161? It reduced that distance loss to less than 15 feet! That means your high-face miss with the revolutionary SCOR4161 will still give you a birdie putt instead of burying in the front bunker or rinsing in the green-front pond or stream.

And that's money!

P.S. For my loyal readers of The Wedge Guy, we've allocated 100 SCOR4161 51* gap wedges to be shipped out for FREE 30-day TRIAL ... first come, first served. You don't even have to pay shipping! Just send me an email on the link below and we'll send you instructions on how to select the right shaft for your game and your Risk Free Trial club will be on the way.
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bkuehn1952 says:
Terry, that is a very generous offer for the 30 day free trial. I might consider taking you up on the offer except it is questionable whether I would get any use out of it in the next month. How does it work in snow? ;)
jasonfish11 says:
I'd take you up on it as well. Except my wife is due on Friday so I dont think I'm going to get much golf played in the next 30 days.

But that is a great offer.
Kurt the Knife says:
"on the link below"
uhhh... I'm seeing five links below.
jasonfish11 says:
"Ask Terry Your Golf Related Questions" gives you his email address.
DougE says:
You have certainly made a number of great claims about these wedges over the last year or so. My curiosity is up. Do you have any demo days scheduled anywhere in the northeast this spring/summer? I'd be interested to give them a try. Winter isn't a good time to test any club, so taking you up on your above offer wouldn't work now.
bducharm says:
I LOVE that I live in Central Texas - I have emailed you Terry. I really HOPE that you have a left handed wedge to try!!!
jasonfish11 says:
Can you request that everyone who gets the free trial write up a short report on their thoughts? Then provide OOB with a link to all 100 reports (instead of cherry picking the best reports)?

If you agree to reveiling all of the write ups, I would be extreemly impressed with your confidence in the product.
nswynnerton says:
I'd love to try your design. The bunkers here at Fair Oaks Ranch give many of us fits and I'd like to have some help in this area. If you can show me the worth of your design I'm in line for the rest of them.
bducharm says:
@jasonfish11 - I definitely will post a review if I get to try it out! I will write an article here!!! That is if Terry sends me a left handed one!!!
garfive says:
Just had my shoulder replaced 8 weeks ago and will get the green light to play next week. I am switching to graphite in my wedges so I ordered a 49, 53 and a 57. Looking forward to trying out my new wedges. Hopefully they get here by the time the doc cuts me loose.
onedollarwed says:
Great idea - snow basically gone here in RI, courses will be open!
Tim Horan says:
Great news on the testing Terry. well done you guys!
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