More Advice On Wedge Lofts And Scoring
Mike used the Ask Terry button to send in this question.

Q: What is the optimum spacing between your scoring clubs ? I have a 48 bent to 47, a 56 bent to 55 and a 60 degree wedge.

A: Mike, that is a great question, and one that probably generates much confusion. 

In my opinion, the optimum spacing is only important in yardages generated, not the actual lofts of the clubs. 

At EIDOLON we make wedges in lofts of 48, 52, 56 and 60 degrees, because for most golfers, those will produce the desired distance gaps between clubs. 

However, we often tweak those lofts stronger or weaker for customers who are trying to get to a certain specific yardage. 

In our new book, “ The SCoR MethodA Simple Way to Achieve Precision in Your Shotmaking ”, we explain a precise drill to know exactly how far you hit each of your scoring clubs – wedges and short irons – and how to hit those in-between shots with simple but precise hand placement on the grip.

The problem with relying on lofts alone are several. The actual distance a ball flies off of a club is dependent not just on loft, but also on distribution of mass in the clubhead, shaft length and flex, and of course, golfer effort. So, we strongly suggest that you try to achieve a consistent gap in actual carry distance from wedge to wedge of 12-15 yards. You may have to tweak lofts or shaft lengths to achieve that precision, but the time and money spent will be well worth it in your short game precision.

I suggest you go to the course and hit enough balls to find out exactly how far you hit each of your wedges. Then you can determine if your gaps are consistently 12-15 yards between, or if you need to add a wedge or tweak one or more of yours to get to that ideal.  Thanks for letting me offer my help to you on this. I hope it answers your question.
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