Comparing EIDOLON Wedges To Conventional Wedges
Using the Ask Terry button, in the right-hand sidebar, Rick sends this question:

I work with entrepreneurs and love people who bring integrity and passion to their work.  I just found your blog last night and it's great.  Based on the reviews, I have ordered a couple of wedges to see how they work.

I have a question.  I currently play CG-10s, including a 60 degree low bounce and regular 56 degree.  While I think I understand your points, the graphic showing your V-sole between regular and low bounce clubs makes it look like a low bounce would be better at tight lies - the club's lip is closer to the ground.  Also, it's hard to visualize how your V-sole is different from the 56 degree when bounce is needed.

What am I missing?

Thanks for the kudos Rick. We take great pride in producing the finest wedges in the industry, which I’m confident you will find true once you get yours in the bag.

Regarding your question about the bounce, let me address that in two ways.

First, in your bag, you have a high bounce 56 and a low bounce 60.  That makes your 60 a much less-than-ideal sand club, and makes your 56 a tougher play from tight lies.

Regarding the graphic, it is true that the low bounce wedge will put the leading edge of the club a little closer to the turf, but if you forward press that club even a little, you have removed all bounce, possibly even producing negative bounce, so that the club will have a tendency to dig.

Our patented V-SOLE makes it impossible to forward press so much that you make the wedge into a “shovel”. That little “ridge” formed by our two bounce angles is the key to our versatile playability.

As far as the difference between our V-SOLE and your 56, let me explain it this way.

When you open your 56, which probably has about 12 degrees of bounce, you are geometrically increasing that angle proportionate to the amount you open it.

Simple math conversion. But with ours, you're not increasing both angles, so that you have a more functional bounce, as you have turned the 30 degree leading portion of the sole into 40+, and the 7 degree trailing portion into 10-13 degrees.

What happens is that the two work together to produce excellent playability.

It is very difficult to compare our wedges directly to those with conventional soles, as we have these two angles always working together.

All I can tell you is that the difference is immediately appreciable, attested to by our bold 100% Money Back Guarantee – which has a return rate of less than one percent !

I hope that answered your questions.
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