What About The Bounce On My Wedge ?
Brian used the Ask Terry button to send this in:

Hey Terry ,

Just now checking out your site after hearing you on with Peter Kessler last week, good stuff.

I'm a leftie and play with a pitching wedge that is part of a set, KZG forged CB, and two Titleist wedges, 52 degree Vokey oil can (not spin-milled) and 56 degree Vokey oil can spin-milled.

This low bounce vs. high bounce talk has my head '
spin-milled'.  Can you tell me about the bounce in the wedges I own and how they should play ?

Thanks for the comments on the interview. I look forward to being back on Peter’s show soon to talk about grooves and shafts in wedges, as those also affect playability.

Regarding your own wedges, it appears that the LH Vokey 52 has 8 degrees of bounce, and should be marked 252-08.  That’s quite a bit of bounce for a gap wedge, and I would suppose that it might not be that great from tight lies.

At the same time, it’s not that much bounce if you like to use it on longer bunker shots.  In other words, it’s kind of “average”.

As for the 56, it appears that it could have either 10 or 14 degrees of bounce, again, the number should be SM56-10 or SM56-14.

If it is the former, I’m guessing it’s not that great a bunker club. If the latter, probably tough to play from tighter lies.

That’s the problem with all the offerings from the major brands. Each wedge they make (over 150 models between Titleist and Cleveland) is a relatively specialized scoring tool – good at some things, not so hot at all others.

What we did with our V-SOLE, is produce in each loft, a sole that is great from nearly every lie you can find on the golf course.

I hope that helps you sort out and clear your head on this.
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Lawrence says:

When comparing the bounce on two different clubs of the same loft, do we look at bounce only or does the width of the sole figure into the whole bounce equation?
wedgeguy says:
Yes, the width of the sole is a major part of the equation. The wider the sole the more effective the bounce. A 7* bounce wedge with a very wide sole will perform like a 12* bounce with a much narrower sole. It is a rather complicated relationship that only trial and error can evaluate, with conventional soled wedges.
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