Are Tour Grind Wedges Right For Me And You?
Using the Ask Terry button, Jason send this for us to think about:

Turned pro in 02 and have struggled with pitch/chip shot around the greens. I have a big problem with the sand wedge/lob wedge sticking into the ground, and my technique is not bad. My current lob wedge (Mickelson grind) has 11 degrees of bounce. Any ideas on equipment changes and or technique/drills ?

Thanks for the question, Jason.

Regarding the sand/lob wedge sticking into the ground, my thinking is that your technique might need a bit of tweaking; try to shallow out your angle of approach to the ball, possibly moving it a bit further forward.

Also, make sure the clubhead is moving down the line and left at impact to make sure the bounce can work to its best advantage.

That all said, the bounce of the wedge has a lot to do with that. In my assessment, the "Mickelson grind", like all other "tour grind" wedges have way too much of the functional bounce removed to work for anyone but a golfer with Phil Mickelson's skills, which are rather unique.

The rest of us, including the bulk of tour pros, could benefit from wedges that have more function in the sole.

Bear in mind that this grind was designed for PM's skills, the tight turf of tour courses, firm packed sand the pros are spoiled by, and for golfers who spend hours a day with their wedges.

In other words, they are NOT for the rest of us.

I rarely use this blog as a tool for selling EIDOLON wedges, but I can tell you that more and more golfers are finding that what we are doing with wedges is a cut above everyone else in the industry.

Until you try one, you can't believe what that little patented improvement in the sole is capable of doing for your short game.

Thanks and good luck in your career !
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DeepRough says:
I messed around with a PM grid X-Tour wedge for a month or two early this season. I was more interested in the MD grooves, to see if I could generate some more spin. While the wedge certainly generated a lot of spin, I had all sorts of problems trying to play with that club.

I've found that the Eidolon wedges generate just as much if not more spin than those MD grooves, and the v-sole has improved my short game tremendously!
scottland says:
I both agree and disagree with this post. Blindly buying a grind hoping that it will fit your swing/game is a terrible idea. But a grind that fits your swing is as good as gold. If you have a steep swing, you need a completely different grind than someone who picks the ball off the turf, and the PM grind isn't going to work for everyone.

Scratch golf has really latched onto this concept with their variety of grinds, and Eidolon wedges are fairly similar to a basic 'light' C-grind with some toe and heel relief.
jeremyheslop says:
I can't wait to get my wedges I won to try them out. Plus I asked for one for Christmas. So excited!
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