Is There Really Any Difference Between X100 And S300 Golf Shafts ?
Using the Ask Terry button, John asks:

Is there any "real" difference between x100 and s300 shafts ? I have heard people say yes and say no.

As I am looking at acquiring new clubs, I want to make sure that the shaft is right for me. I have no trouble getting the ball in the air, and my 5 iron swing speed is typically between 82-88 mph on any given day. Your input on this question is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


The “textbook” answer is yes. The X100 is somewhat stiffer than the S300.

That said, however, every manufacturer seems to turn out clubs with the “same” shafts that are very different when you examine them closely on a frequency machine.

This is a huge problem for the golfer in trying to purchase golf clubs that will work properly for them. For any golfer who is seriously interested in getting better, I strongly suggest having your clubs made by a qualified professional clubfitter/clubmaker, rather than to purchase from a major factory.

At the very least, have your clubs checked and measured by a qualified professional so that you know exactly what you have. You might be surprised.

If you're buying a new set of clubs, you should demand the set be put on a frequency machine and loft/lie gauge to make sure they really are what you “think” you've purchased.

If the store doesn’t have that equipment on site, get a promise that the clubs are returnable for full refund if you find out they are not to the specs and tolerance you expect for this major financial outlay.

I don’t want to “rain down” on the major golf companies, but the facts will bear out that the consistency of product the big ones produce is not very impressive.

I’ve seen actual random testing of clubs purchased that reveals many things:

An “R” shaft can range from soft ladies to strong “Stiff”, even within what are supposed to be the same make and model; irons that have variance of up to two full flexes within a given set (this is much more common with graphite shafted irons that with steel); loft and lie angles that are off by as much as 2-3 degrees, almost a full club !

The only way to know what shaft you should really be playing, and what shaft you are getting, is to be professionally fitted and have your clubs built specifically for you by a qualified clubmaker who can show you right there what you really have.
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William HUdson says:
Just an observation. With 82 -88 mph swing speeds the stiff shaft will not perform for you as designed. Try an R shaft for best results.
VH says:
82-88mph is for the 5 iron or for driver?

Will Hudson: 82-88mph for 5 iron is in the Stiff zone I'd think.
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