Where Can I Find A Professional Clubfitter ?
Professional Clubmakers Society

John also had a follow-up comment about club fitting:

First off, thank you very much for replying to my email on your terrific blog.

Trouble is, I really like the "feel" of Mizuno forgings, and I would like to believe that when you custom order a set of clubs with specific shafts, you are getting what you pay for.

How can you find a custom club fitter that will shaft Mizuno heads?


I am not in any way trying to say that Mizuno or anyone else cannot make you a good set of clubs, only that you should have any new set checked on good loft/lie and frequency equipment to double check the factory.

Just to make sure you really got what you paid for. Any custom clubfitter will do this for you, for a fee, and then can do anything to those heads that is necessary.

I suggest you visit the Professional Clubmakers Society web site to find a clubfitter near you. If they have PCS certification, they are qualified.
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Chris says:
I am in the process of getting fitted be a gentleman that I found on the web site. Additionally, I also found him listed on Tom Wishon's web site as well. Thus far it has been a little bit of an eye opening experience. The clubs I were playing, Ping Eye 2s, were too long, not enough upright, and the shaft was too stiff. I just want to state that I was not fit for these Pings as I do not want to give a bad impression about Ping club fitting. I will post again after everything is completed if there is interest on how this unfolds.
Jeffrey Chew says:
I would only offer one caveat to Terry's comment. Make sure that you ask for references, and make sure to actually follow up on those references.

Chris from above did the right thing and also looked for a secondary listing at another reputable site. Tom Wishon can be credited for doing more for Clubfitting and making than probably the PCS itself over the last 5 years.

..and no i don't work or sell wishon products, just respect what he is doing a lot...and Terry too!!!
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