Am I Ready For Blades ?
Using the Ask Terry button, Andy sends this in:

I've been playing about 2 years, with a cheap set of clubs and scoring around 90-100. I'm looking at getting fitted properly. I understand the difference between blades and cavity backs and am thinking of going the blade route. I have seen the Mizuno MP-32's and see that they are recommended. Can you give me any feedback or other options to consider.

Hi Andy,
I'm flattered that I'm having that much influence on your selection of clubs, but before you select blades, I suggest that you see a qualified clubfitter and try various head designs and shafts to see what is yielding the best results. You might want to play a simple cavity back iron for a while longer, or you might find a blade like the MP-32 is just what the doctor ordered. There is no substitute for trying various clubhead designs and shafts under the skilled eye of a professional clubfitter.
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William HUdson says:
The problem with starting with a game improvement club is that it is NOT! A cavity back allows better results with a poor swing, but doesn't teach you a better swing! Practice, practice, practice. When you don't feel/see as many off-center shots with your blades your on your way to better golf. Yes, it's the long way around, but then so is anything worth doing.............
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