Dilbert Takes on the Golf Industry
Dilbert Comic Strip
I'm a big fan of the Dilbert cartoon strip, as they bash the humorous (if it weren't so true) deficiencies of big business. This one a few weeks ago really caught my attention, as it seemed they were singling out the golf equipment industry in particular.

These guys (Callaway, Nike, TaylorMade, et al) must think all goflers are just nuts, and incapable of thought. They parade out "the next great thing" on an annual or more frequent cycle, and think they can drive you to the cash register salivating.

This "next great thing" hits the market in the spring at full retail price, and within 6 months, the reps are calling on all the stores and pros offering more inventory at 30-50% off the prior published wholesale price.

It's a crazy cycle that you would think should be starting to get stale. A friend in the retail business has told me that the square drivers are already "old news" and so the companies are offering him more of them at less than half of what he paid for his starting inventory in March.

His question to the rep was, "So, no one wants these anymore, but you want me to buy more of them ?"

What kind of logic is this ?

So, when you get the fever for a new driver, set of irons or whatever, I strongly suggest you don't do anything without taking it on the course for a few rounds. Hit it side by side with what you are planning to replace, and see if it really performs better. If your pro or shop won't let you do that, find another place to get your golf equipment. These things all cost too much to buy them on a whim or a wish.

And I'll offer this - if you really want to improve your game, here are three sure fire ways to do it:

1. Build a relationship with a qualified clubfitter - he can make sure your clubs are matched and fit your game.

2. Consider lessons - less than 12% of all golfers have EVER taken a professional lesson. Try different pros until you find one that communicates with you.

3. THINK - Not just on the course but off as well. Think about what shots you have the most trouble with, and ask yourself why ? Think about the risk/reward on every shot. Play holes differently than you might normally.

I'm going to write a new post about each of these subjects, so watch for them in the weeks ahead.
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