Giving Thanks Where It's Due
Thanksgiving was always a great holiday at our household.  My father was a man of faith and was clear in expressing his gratitude for all the wonderful things in his life.

Thanksgiving marked the beginning of the “holiday season”, which culminated with those wonderful smells, sights and sounds of Christmas.

With all that goes on in our lives, sometimes we forget just how much we have to be thankful for. For me, the list is quite long.

To start, seeing this little fledgling idea of a short game company reach so many people and make a difference in so many golfers’ games is rewarding. The emails I get weekly provide the constant reassurance that we are doing the right thing by building quality wedges and providing the encouragement I can through this blog and the EIDOLON newsletter, which we just renamed “The SCoR Zone”.

But that’s just icing on this wonderful cake called life. I am thankful that at nearly 56 years old, I still have excellent health and can enjoy life to the fullest.

I’m thankful that I have a great family and the most extraordinary circle of friends a man could ever hope for. And that as I look forward, I just see all that getting better and better.

And I’m thankful that I was born in the greatest country in the history of the world, and that in spite of its troubles, it still is the “land of opportunity” for anyone who will work hard and take risks.

It’s kind of “in” these days to bash the U.S., but where else in the world could you live the lives we do, with the freedoms and opportunities we have?

We must always acknowledge and be thankful that this freedom is a gift to us from God, protected for over two centuries by the selfless sacrifice and service of hundreds of thousands of young men and women who choose to wear the uniform of one of our armed forces.I am eternally grateful to each and every one of those brave true heroes of every generation.

As you enjoy your Thanksgiving dinner and the coming Christmas season, please stop regularly and say a prayer of thanks that our country instills that kind of love and devotion in our young people. And pray that each and every young soldier will return to their families unharmed, with a sense of pride that they have given us that much more assurance of freedom and liberty.

All of us at EIDOLON wish you and yours a very warm and joyous Thanksgiving.
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Pappy says:
And a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours as well, sir.
Leslie says:
Nice message Terry. We do have alot to be thankful for!!!
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