Worn Grooves On Wedges
The January issue of GOLF Magazine has a short article on page 99 titled, “Do Worn-Out Grooves Decrease Spin ?"

They clearly state in the subhead that “Your favorite old wedge may be killing your chances of making your wedge shots grab”.

The article notes that golfers change drivers and putters like they “change socks”, but tend to keep the same old wedges in their bags. I think that’s because wedge technology hasn’t changed significantly in over 25 years, so there is no apparently compelling reason to buy a new one or two.

But GOLF Magazine had some scientific testing done by Hot Stix Golf in Arizona, comparing an old 1987 Wilson Staff Sand wedge to a new Titleist Vokey Spin Milled wedge. Their findings were that the new wedge produced over twice the spin on a 25 yard pitch shot !!!

Now you know it to be far from me to recommend anything but an EIDOLON V-SOLE wedge for your bag, and we know ours deliver even more spin than the Vokey, Cleveland or any others on the market, but this test proves that you are throwing away scoring opportunities if you have an older wedge in your bag – even if it is a “favorite”.

Take advantage of what the Rules of Golf allow, golfers, and your scoring will improve immediately.

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iceless in olympia says:

How old is too old ? Okay, so years probably isn't the greatest measure, rounds might be. But even then, the number of times you use a wedge varies greatly from round to round.

So how does the average joe know when the grooves have gotten too worn to be effective ? Is there some kind of test (other than buying a new wedge and comparing) ? Is there a feel test ?

I have 3 wedges in my ( circa 1994 Titleist DCI ) set. I just added one of your 60* lob wedges but haven't had a chance to try it here in the freezing pacific northwest) and I can think of no way to figure out whether they are underperforming.

Can wedges be remilled ? Or in some fashion have the grooves 'sharpened' ?

iceless in olympia
Golf Club Review says:
Valid point, I have taken to changing my wedge once every 6 months and you are completely right having the new grooves makes all the difference when making the shorter pitch shots. Thanks Terry
wedgeguy says:
To "Iceless",

Your 1994 wedges were made well before anyone was milling grooves. Replace them and you will be amazed.
nocurling says:

i was afraid you'd say that. would this apply to, say, the 7- through 9-irons as well? all my short irons and wedges used to rip the covers of soft-covered balls (read: titleist professional) leaving strands of cover on the face. they still do to a lesser extent with, say, a nike one or a titleist pro v1.

i really like the feel of these clubs, despite their age. and i've tried a couple other more modern sets with little success. i've also got 2 titleist vokey wedges (2 years old) of identical lofts to the gap and sand wedge of the dci set, but they don't feel anywhere near as good.

DeepRough says:
I've had an Eidolon V-sole wedge with at least 60 rounds on it. The edges may not be as sharp as day one, but the grooves are in much better shape than the forged callaway x-tour 60*wedge I have been playing. I still get a ton of spin out of the Eidolon, actually a very playable amount of spin. Short pitch shots still stop quickly if I am playing a high spin ball.

I wonder if they did any comparison of forged vs cast wedges?
wedgeguy says:
In my opinion, the "forged vs. cast" debate really isn't one at all. There were tests done about 25 years ago with some top tour professionals, and given the same head design and metallurgy, they couldn't tell the difference. Of course, if you compare cast hard stainless against forged soft carbon steel, certainly there is a difference.

Feel is a funny thing -- and the shaft is much more influential on feel than the head metallurgy or process. I just re-shafted a set of blades with the new UST constant weight V2 and they are quite impressive. The most amazing feel you have ever experienced.

I also remember years ago when Joe Powell would jam two small corks into the tip of the shaft after epoxy, so that the hosel was "filled" with cork -- unbelieveable difference in the impact sensation.

Point is, forged vs. cast is a non issue in my book.
Kiwi says:
Do you have a distributor down here in NZ Terry?
Willie Malay says:
Using different clubs is not scientifically valid in my opinion although it may have some validity.
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