The Great Groove Survey
The Complete Story on Grooves and The Great Groove Survey

I’ve written a couple of times on this groove issue, but there still seems to be lots of misinformation out there, so EIDOLON provided a grant to create a new website – Here you’ll find a new comprehensive ebook – FREE – titled “The Spin Zone – The Whole Story on Grooves.” Co-written by me and award winning golf writer Steve Pike, this free ebook gives the complete story of why the ruling came about, the USGA’s research, the details of the rule itself, how it will be implemented and how it affects each and every golfer.

You’ll also find a link to “The Great Groove Survey”, which gives you a chance to share your thoughts and feelings about this rule. In a couple of months, we’ll share the results with you, the media and the USGA and Royal & Ancient, as this will be the most comprehensive survey of golfers on the subject. So, pass this on to your golf buddies and have them take the survey, too.

I hope you enjoy “The Spin Zone” and The Great Groove Survey.
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lcgolfer64 says:
Terry - Thanks again for the great information here.
Also correct me if I am wrong here, but I believe that Jim Furyk was playing the new grooves this weekend and in my opinion, it sure didn't seem like it was causing any issues with control and spin.
TeT says:
Nice, answered some questions ....
wedgeguy says:
Many of the tour players are already playing irons and wedges with the new grooves so that they may be adjusted to the variation in spin from their old ones. Don't look for scores to go up much -- these guys are GOOD!
windowsurfer says:
download link is not working
jeremyheslop says:
Great read and explained EVERYTHING! Glad to fill out the survey. Thanks for providing such a great resource
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