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That Big Story I Mentioned
By now, I'm assuming that most of you have seen the news of the "big story" I mentioned last week. Yes, it is true... we are bringing the Ben Hogan Company back to the golf equipment business. And this is not just a dream come true... because I would never have let myself dream this big... but a platform from which we believe we can honor a legacy and change golfers' fortunes.

I have been inundated with interview requests since this broke on Tuesday, and have guested on Brian Katrek's and Matt Adams's shows on PGA Tour Radio. There are a number of articles up already, and you might have seen this on GolfDigeSTIX digital publication, on Mike Johnson's Golf Digest blog, or elsewhere. A Google search of "Ben Hogan Returns" will give you the scoop.

Our entire team has been together in Fort Worth the past couple of days, deep into planning meetings covering products, marketing, sales and organizational efforts that are before us. We all feel a deep sense of obligation to Mr. Hogan's legacy and efforts to do things in this industry that he saw as representative of opportunity to help golfers play better. We share that mission and commitment.

I can't tell you what the new Ben Hogan irons will look like, as they are early in development, but I can assure you that they will be true to Mr. Hogan's principles of design, quality and performance. If you would like to follow this story as it develops over the coming months, we have a starter website up at BenHoganGolf.com. Just choose to sign up to "Follow The Story" and you will be the first to know each time we share a milestone in this journey.

We also will be looking for the 'best of the best' talents in all areas of business, and there is a place for you to upload a resume and cover letter if you would like to be considered for a position in this effort.

In the meantime, we are continuing to make powerful impressions with our SCOR4161 line of precision scoring clubs. The technologies we have incorporated into these clubs have been proven to reduce shot dispersion patterns by up to 75-90% over conventional wedges and set-matched cavity back short irons. I invite you all to put them to the test — compare them to what is in your bag now, regardless of brand. You will see what we mean and find that they are simply just more accurate and forgiving than anything else in the category.

As I begin this journey to honor Mr. Hogan, I could never allow myself to dream this big. I want to thank all of you for allowing me to pontificate every week, sometimes getting kudos and other time ruffling feathers. It is something I look forward to each week, to share my thoughts and insights with you.

Now, this really gets fun and even more serious, as we have a legend's name and legacy to honor.

Stay tuned and tell us how we're doing on that mission, OK?
The Wedge Guy is sponsored by SCOR Golf, where Terry Koehler is President/CEO. He encourages you to submit your questions or topics to be considered for his columns on Tuesdays and Fridays. Each submission automatically enters you to win a SCOR4161 wedge to be given away monthly. Click the button below to submit your question or topic today.

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GolfSmith7 says:
Congrats, Terry!
Felipe Rojas says:
Congratulations, Terry! I have to say that I enjoy reading you "pontificate", and it is through your references to Mr. Hogan that I decided to buy his book in January...and what a great help it's been! I changed my swing following his instruction, and it has made a difference already, with my index handicap coming down from 20 in January,to 17 in May. Looking forward to see the new equipment you come up with under the Ben Hogan Golf brand. I wish you success in following this dream
Torleif Sorenson says:
Terry, if there is anyone in the world who seems best-capable of bringing back the Ben Hogan Golf Company, it is you, sir.

Felipe Rojas: Nice work, sir!
dottomm says:
Best of Luck to you. To give you an idea about the impact of this `big story` I've been playing my scor4161 wedges for about 6 weeks now. (LOVE 'EM) and have been telling everyone I play with about them. I don't always get a very enthusiastic response when I show them off because their lack of brand recognition, but yesterday, after hitting my scor4161 56* to 4" from approx 65', my playing partner (70yo Male) inquired about my wedge. "Nice Looking Club there. What is it?" I hand it to him. "I've just been reading about these. They're gonna make Hogan Irons", and then he went on about how he loaned his old Hogan set to a graduating HS Senior who won his final tournament with them and the clubs were never seen again. "I miss those clubs more than my wife. I gotta check the new ones out."
jasonfish11 says:

I must admit the more I use my Scor wedge the more I like it. I am still not sold on getting a Scor lob wedge. I generally only use my 58* wedge around the green and my goal is to get the ball to stop ASAP. I think the grooving on the Cleveland RTX is better for this than Scor. But I could definitely see me having 3-4 Scor wedges in the bag in the next 2-3 years.
Tazz says:

The names Precision, Medallion, Grind, Director, Bounce Sole, Redline and Power Thrust still mean a lot to many people.

Maybe someday you can wrestle the name Apex away fromm Callaway,
mmontisano says:
and dottomm wins anecdote of the year!
Matt F says:
Congratulations Terry!
onedollarwed says:
Hoping that Hogan will once again be a hulk in the industry!
kayagum says:
Are you considering rebranding Scor wedges as Ben Hogan wedges? Especially if you can resurrect the "Equalizer" name?
golfnpoker says:
I will be first in line to buy some new sticks from the new Hogan. Scor4161 are quality clubs, and I'm certain you will bring the same quality to Hogan. Congrats Terry.
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Terry Koehler is "The Wedge Guy" and President of SCOR Golf- The Short Game Company.

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