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Thru the Ask Terry button, Bill, from Austrailia, sends this in:

Q: Terry, you really nailed me with your comments about poor trajectory with the short irons. I'm a 30+ year golfer, handicap out to 4 these days and there is a short par 3 on my home course that is my worst nightmare. Its only an 8 or 9 iron, down hill, from an elevated tee and plays into the prevailing wind. I consistantly hit it too high and finish wide or short. I look forward to working on the technique you outline for a lower and more controlled trajectory. To finally come to the point, another wedge/short iron problem that I sometimes have (and I observe it in a lot of other golfers to) is a tendency to pull the ball left of target (I'm a righty). Have you noticed this as a common fault and do you have any tips for this problem. Love your site.

A: To hit the soft knockdown shot, try these few keys: 

First, play the ball a bit further back in your stance.  That will help you make contact at the proper point.  Pulling the shot usually is partially or mostly caused by having the ball too far forward.  Secondly, choke down on one more iron about ½ to ¾ inch.  And finally, grip the club very lightly and feel the swing more in your arms, not your hands.  Doing these three things should enable you to hit a soft knockdown that has minimal spin, so that it will not climb excessively into the wind.  Please let me know how that works for you.
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