Scoring Tools - The Putt-Chip Saves Strokes
It’s often said that when you are only a few feet off the green, and the lie allows it, an average putt will end up closer than a good chip.

Well, that may be true, but here’s a twist – you don’t always have to “putt” with your putter. That’s right, you can “putt” with any club in your bag, and you can get some outstanding results by doing so.

Picture this: Your ball is only about five feet off the green, but the grain is growing against you and the collar grass is not very smooth. One side of your brain says “putt it”, but the lie isn’t that encouraging.

Not a problem. Just choose a different club to “putt it” with.

You may be surprised how well you can “putt” from the fringe with a four or five-iron, hybrid, or even shorter iron, when the pin is cut closer.

Here are the keys to executing this shot:

  • Take your normal putting stance and set up

  • Grip down on the club since it's longer than your putter

  • Put the ball a little further back in your stance than you do when you putt

  • Most importantly, grip the club much lighter than you do with your putter, because your putter is the shortest, but heaviest club in your bag

  • Make your normal putting stroke and watch for great results

This is a wonderful scoring shot when putting from off the green is an option, but the lie really doesn’t allow it to be done with confidence. 

If you'll spend just a few minutes around the putting/chipping green with this shot – experimenting with two to three different clubs, you'll quickly add a new shot to your arsenal.

As always, let me know how this works for you, and what other shots you’d like me to offer my insight and experience on.
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Lawrence says:
Wonderful suggestion. My personal favorites are the putt-chip with the 7 iron or 9 iron as opposed to using a wedge. They run more and give us amateurs, who don't practice enough to get the ball to land exactly where we want to, a fighting chance. With this technique, I'm able to run the ball to tap in position 20% of the time. The rest of the 80% is not that bad either because 80% of those are one putts and 20% a possible two putt. I say possible to account for the occasional 3 or 4 putt. The best thing about this technique is it actually helps your putting stats as you will be putting much closer to the hole most of the time.
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