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We were playing last week and one of my golf buddies and I were discussing lay-up strategies on par 5s and short par 4s. He said he liked to be as close to the green as he could, but sure liked the way I controlled my distances so well from 70-105 yards or so. And he asked how did I do that so consistently.

I’m a big fan, as I’ve written before, of knowing how to hit your wedges specific yardages with consistency. I wrote the book called “The SCoR Method”, which we include with all EIDOLON wedge orders that details a very simple and easy-to-learn way to achieve this precision with nothing more complex than varying your hand position on the grip to alter the length of the club to “dial in” those in-between yardages. In my own game, for example, I know that a normal full swing 50* wedge produces 105 yards with consistency. My 54* is 92, and my 58* is 80. In between those specific yardages, I can take off 4-5 yards by moving my hands down ½’ on the grip and swing away. Another ½’ and I’m down another 4-5 yards. This gives me 9 full-swing yardages with these three wedges, and distance precision to 2-3 yards of my intended target – I’ll take 6-10 foot putts after a full swing wedge every time.

“The SCoR Method” takes it one step further by showing you how to alter ball flight by opening the face, and using the “grip down” process to give you even more shots.

The key to the consistency, however, is to build a repeating wedge swing. To me, that means swinging within my power limit, and keeping my hands relatively “quiet” at the top – not an excessive wrist cock. And most importantly, keeping the shot controlled by the rotation of the body core, rather than getting “hands-y”.

Next time you are on the course on a “practice” round, try hitting some wedge shots with varying hand positions and watch what happens to your distance control. I think you will have fun with this new approach to managing your gaps.
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KonaBoy1963 says:
Just the pointers I have been looking for to help improve the short game! I'll let you know how it goes. It sounds pretty logical

hondolane says:
Where can we get your book???
dazzi says:
Hi there! Just wondering how you bent your wedges as you play a 54 deg and a 58, but the v-soles come in 48,52,56,60! Did you bend the 56 wedge to 54 and reduced your bounce, or did you bend your 52 to 54 and increased your bounce! Just curious because I am between a rock and a hard place choosing between Titleist spin milled oil can, and your V-sole. Titleist got all the setup you could think of in loft and bounce and the oil can my preferred finish. Maybe you could tell me what I would gain by buying V-soles instead of Spin Milled. So far the edge goes to Spin Milled; 1.oil can finish and bounce options 3.price $109 vs 129 4.promotion (I-¦ve tried them and they are great)Eidolon I cannot try. So you have to do a pretty good job convincing me into getting Eidolon. My scoring is heavily dependent on the short game so I have got to have the right equipment. My budget is limited so I have to get this right.

Thanks Dave
wedgeguy says:

The book is available on our website -- Just click on the link for Scoring Solutions in the top menu bar.
wedgeguy says:
Dazzi, I weakened the 48, 52 and 56 to 50, 54 and 56 and love the playability. The slight additional bounce doesn't affect tight lie performance, but gives me three bunker clubs. Compared the the Vokeys, I'm comfortable telling you that you will likely get more spin, you will have improved feel from our Rifle Spinner or SCoR graphite shaft, and our patented V-SOLE will make these great scoring clubs from any lie you might encounter. The link on this page will give you a 10% oobgolf discount, and we back them with the best Satisfaction Guarantee in the business. We hope you will give us a try.
dazzi says:
Wedgeguy, thanks for your answer. You made some very good points there, and I am going to give it a go. I-¦ve got two more questions. 1. My pw is 49, and i-¦ll be playing a 54 and a 59. Would you recommend going 52 and 60, or 56 and 60? 2. Shaft flex, I-¦ll go for spinner. My 49pw 35.5" goes 125
William Charles Ni says:
Hi Wedgeguy. I have been working on being more consistent with my wedges and it is coming along. However, one area I struggle with is accurate judging of distance. Is there anything that you can recommend to deal with that?
wedgeguy says:
Dazzi, Based on your apparent strength, and your dependence on your short game, I would think you would be best served by three wedges in addition to your 49. If you carried a 52, 56 and 60, I would bet that you would get full-swing distances of about 110-12, 95-100 and 85-90 respectively, giving you excellent full swing gap management and more scoring options around the greens.
wedgeguy says:
William, Thanks for your question. If you are asking about judging how far you are from the flag, I have to recommend one of the laser range finders. They are indispensable in my mind. But if you are referring to managing how far the ball goes, I have to recommend our SCoR Method and some time dedicated to learning just what your swing produces in real yardage with each club. To get more consistent with your wedge distances, you have to quiet your hands and control these swings with your body core rotation. I've written more about this in prior posts -- search and you'll find 'em.
Tim Horan says:
Having played Oil Can Vokeys (but not spin milled), then Kane Golf wedges and now Eidolon V Soles I can tell you that Eidolon are something special.I thought my Kane wedges were good, better in my opinion than the Vokeys in many ways but the Eidolon V sole and milled faces knocked both to kingdom come. Performance was really good and far out weighs the fact that you cannot get a lo glare finish from Eidolon at present. I bought mine back in August had the lies modified in September and have played them all over Europe and Gt Britain. Unless something really special come out I can see me renewing with same next time around.
Try them have nothing to lose with the money back guarantee and you get to choose what shaft goes into them. Sorry Terry I didn't mean to sound like a salesman there.
excel70 says:
I couldn't find the link you said on your website fotr the Scorbook. I bought Eidolon wedges (gap, sand and lob) but never got the book. I was hoping I can get it from your website.
wedgeguy says:

Please send an email to and she'll get a copy out to you right away. Apologize for the oversight.
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