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I got on this with the last post, but it’s a topic that needs lots of attention. To me, this is the single most misunderstood aspect of good golf swings. We’ve seen hundreds of photos of pro golfers hitting shots, but most are from face-on, where the left arm and shaft look like they form a straight line. Well, guys, that just ain’t what’s happening.

I referenced the new issue of GOLF Magazine (MARCH 2009 ISSUE) in my last post, so take a few minutes and really study the cover photo of Trevor Immelman in a position half way through his follow through. Look at the position of his hands – the right has rotated over the left. And see that they are not unhinged at all, but the angle between the shaft and arms is still maintained very close to what it was at impact.

And his hands are almost directly in front of his sternum still, even at this point well after impact.

That’s because he has released the club through impact by rotating his body core and rotating his arms and hands – there is no unhinging.

Just so you’ll see what I’m talking about, here are some other illustrations from that same issue of GOLF Magazine;

Page 30 – J.B. Holmes with a driver – no straight line here, even on this power swing.

Page 44 – Davis Love, again with a driver – note the angle of the arms and shaft just after impact.

Page 62 – Tom Patri illustrating a chip shot – note the path of the arms and hands, close to the body, back through the address position.

In the Private Lessons section, the drawing of the guy in the bunker – note the arm and shaft angle after the explosion. You can’t get here with an unhinging of the wrists.

Now, if I have your curiosity aroused, go into you library of back issues of golf magazines and look for photos from this angle – directly behind the golfer. I think you will learn more about impact than you ever knew, and your golf game is about to take off into a completely new direction.

Let me know what you guys think of this . . . and ladies, too, of course.
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falcon50driver says:
When will we get to see your scores?
hondolane says:
Like a baseball swing?
Tim Horan says:
I take it that by unhinge you mean the club head getting ahead of the hands??? The relationship of wrist and club angle should be maintained throughout the the whole swing and into the finish. That is not to say extending arms and club through target line as this takes speed off the club but letting the speed generated in the down swing and through impact dissipate in a natural arc. The rolling of the wrists and folding action of the left elbow after the horizontal point on follow through often appear to be a collapse of the wrist/ club from most camera angles.
wedgeguy says:
By unhinging, I mean the full release of the wrists so that the left arm and shaft make a straight line at or before impact, when viewed from behind the golfer and down the target line. The proper release has the hands rotating through impact more than unhinging.
Tom B. says:
This is the single best piece of advice I have ever received . My 7 iron before with my wristy swing would maybe go 150 yards , after it's averaging 165-170. My 5 iron I hit 215 , and believe it or not I put up my first legitimate 310 yard drive straight down the middle! With my old swing I would get lucky to put one out there 260 unless I pulled it.The most amazing thing is the confidence this has built. I just wish my golf instructor could have showed me the proper way to "release" the club , it could have saved me a lot of aggravation.
foldedwings says:
That little tip was all that was necessary to straighten out my drives. Can't tell if I increased distance on those occasionally straight shots I would hit but defiantly on the slices. I would leave my driver in the bag except for a few holes I could not get into trouble on. Now I'm anxious to use it on the "tight" fairways.
h1james1 says:
im having trouble fully picturing this.. is this the Davis Love pic you're referring to?,28242,187922
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