Hitting It High and Low
I’ve written before about playing the wind, but today is all about simply controlling trajectory of your shots, from driver all the way down to irons. The subject was chosen because of an email I got from Carl, who asked;
"How do I change my setup to get a different trajectory?"
Well, Carl, the set up is an important part of this formula, but I’m going to address several changes you can make to control the trajectory of your shots. I think shaping shots is one of the great thrills of golf, and that means shaping the trajectory as well as the right/left pattern. Here are my keys to hitting the ball higher and lower than your normal pattern when you have to.

Hitting the High Ball
When you want a towering flight to the ball, whether to ride a tailwind with a drive or to clear a tree or other obstacle with an iron shot, knowing exactly what to do is crucial. Here are my keys:
1. Set up with the ball a little more forward in your stance than normal, but only an inch or so.

2. Aim slightly left of your target line and grip the club with the face slightly open

3. Widen your stance just a bit to reduce your leg action.

4. Grip the club just a little more firmly.
If you do all these things correctly, you will see higher than usual shot trajectories nearly every time.

Hitting The Low Ball
As you would expect, the simple keys to hitting shots lower than your normal trajectory simple require a reversal of these four things, with the exception of the alignment change:
1. Set up with the ball an inch or so further back in your stance.

2. Narrow your stance a bit to facilitate a more active lower body during the swing; set up square to the target.

3. Take one more club, position your hands down on the grip about an inch and hold the club very lightly in your hands.

4. Slow down your tempo and concentrate on keeping the left side (for RH players) moving through the impact zone.
A low ball flight will happen almost every time.

I’m sure you readers have other tips for us that Carl can try, so chime in, OK?

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Banker85 says:
For me its all about the finish. i do, do the steps you have here but if i finish low it stays low, Same for high. I do like to setup left with the driver and just concentrate on swinging up on the ball just a little to get it up in the air fast.
Tim Horan says:
In tune with Terry's comments I find that starting and staying over the ball through the shot. IE playing from middle of stance and moving through the ball to de-loft the club and punch the ball so that your strike is neutral (not elevated)
mjaber says:
If I put "Satan90" instead of "Santa09", can the total of my order be $20? :)
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