Why Some 60 Degree Wedges Don't Work
Patented V-Sole Technology

Rob used the Ask Terry button and asked this question:

Q: I carry three wedges - 48/06, 54/09 and 58/10. I also have a 60/03, which is great for delicate chips from tight lies. I would like to put the 60 in the bag because my home course is very dry and hard.

The 58/10 is great out of the sand, but I can't seem to get any height on bunker shots with my 60. Is this because it digs too much ?

A: Rob, your 60 degree wedge simply doesn't have enough bounce to be a functional bunker club. It's that simple.

If your course is that hard, I also suspect your 54 and 58 are marginally functional from tight fairway lies, as those bounce angles are rather high.

At the risk of sounding commercial, your dilemma is exactly and precisely what led us to the development of our patented V-Sole technology.

Building two distinct bounce angles into the sole of each of our wedges, with specific angles on both, allows them to be as functional from tight lies as they are from fluffy ones.

No other wedge can do that ... again, it's just that simple.

The solution I can suggest is that you scrap all these and buy ours, but that would sound very "salesy". But the only other option is to carry two 60's, adding one with more bounce for your bunker shots.

Sorry, but the other manufacturers just don't offer you an alternative.
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