Massacre at Forest Oaks
OK, golf fans, I want to sound off and get your opinion on this one.

We’ve set up a new feature at, and now have a survey tool so that you can share your feelings and thoughts about the golf industry with all our other thousands of readers.

Today’s topic is the Wyndham Championship, which I think should be accurately re-named, “ The Massacre at Forest Oaks ”.

Here’s my reason why.

Not to slight the talent pool on the PGA Tour at all – like the ads say, “ These guys are good ” – but come on. Is this really golf ? This field that was totally lacking most of the top names in the professional game made a mockery of what I have to believe is not that bad a golf course. It’s this kind of pussycat setup that is causing the USGA to consider changing the equipment for the rest of us.

Mr. Snedeker and his buddies ran roughshod over the golf course. The top five players totaled 101 under par ! The top ten players were 187 under par ! And the entire field that made the cut was 929 under par !

Can you relate to this ? I sure can’t. I played this weekend on my home course, which is a little 6,950 yard track in a town of 60,000 people. But we have deep Bermuda rough, fairways that average 25-30 yards wide (with many narrower), very firm greens that average about 10-11 in speed.

Based on the scores the Tight Lies Tour players shoot here each spring, I don’t think there’s any way Snedeker and Company can shoot these kinds of scores on my course. So, here I am watching the best players in the world beat up on a golf course that’s easier than the one I play every week. Where’s the fun of that ?

I much prefer to see these guys have to work for their pars and birdies, like they do at the majors and some of the more elite tournaments. How about you ?

Please visit this link to our survey site and let your feelings be known. And if you have something more to say on the subject . . . well, that’s what this site is all about. We’d all love to hear from you. I promise I’ll send our feedback to the PGA Tour, OK ?

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Woundedduck says:
Not every PGA event has to play to the same score. Some will be easier than others, so what's the harm in having the occassional event have a super-low winning score?
wedgeguy says:
We had over 100 of you take our survey and only one response???? Come on guys! I can't disagree with WoundedDuck that all tournaments don't have to have the same score, but even in these FedEx Cup events, we're not seeing what most of you expect from "top level" events. Here are the results of the survey:

1. 71% of you watched at least some of the Wyndham Championship.

2. 81% if you watch regular PGA Tour events "Often" or "Every Week".

3. 83% of you make it a point to watch the majors "Almost always" or "Definately".

4. 72% said regular PGA Tour events are "Not Nearly As Enjoyable" as the majors.

5. 81% said they thought the average winning score of a regular event should be 10 strokes or fewer less under par.

6. And as to your favorite major? Masters - 50.8%, U.S. Open - 26.2%, British Open - 21.5%, PGA Championship - 6.2%.

Thanks to all of you for participating. I'll have anothe survey up soon.

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