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The interview I told you guys about just went live and I wanted to remind you guys about it. Let me know if you want to hear more of The Wedge Guy talking about golf.

Click here to listen to The Wedge Guy talking about the short game, wedges, golf and much, much more on the June 3rd episode of the Golf Smarter podcast.
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William Marshall says:
Enjoyed the podcast. Your insight into why "tour grind" is best left to the tour players on tour prepared courses was an eye opener. My course is kept in good condition, very good actually, but there is no watering of the bunkers to provide firm sand - unless it rains or the sprinkler head is mis aligned and if the fairways were cut to 3/8" the members would think the grass had died or the grounds keeper forgot to check the mower height. Most of us like the cushion of grass that mask a lot of sins in our swings.

More podcast sharing your knowledge of wedge play and golf in general would be well received. Please, do.
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