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Well, we finally got the link working right – sorry about that little glitch, guys. Once it was up and running, we had 127 of you take our Rules Survey. So here is what you told us.

  1. Only 50% of you think that a very small percentage of golfers play by all the rules most of the time, which is probably even a little high. I think that’s because most golfers don’t really know the rules that well, and play golf for enjoyment, not the competition. It’s a very small percentage of golfers who actually tee it up in the serious competitions anyway, right?

  2. Regarding the PGA having it’s own set of rules, 38% said "Yes", and 62% "No". But that question triggered the loudest and most aggressive comments to the post. And still is.

  3. Asked about which rule is most disregarded in every day play, it was close, and you ranked them in this order:
    1. 14 club limit
    2. Play the ball as you find it
    3. Stroke and distance for lost ball and OB
    4. Hole all putts
    5. Play the same type/brand of ball

  4. With respect to your knowledge of the Rules of Golf, 78% of you graded yourself pretty knowledgeable but not an expert, 15% admitted that it was a pretty dark subject. Watch out for those 8 guys who claimed to be a walking rule book, though.

  5. All but one of you agreed that golf needs a set of official rules, so total anarchy is not something we need to be concerned about apparently.

  6. Regarding how far equipment technology has come, 75% of you think the rules governing equipment are about right, while the balance is almost equally split between too far and not far enough. I’m in the “too far” category myself, as you probably realize.

  7. I was surprised by the fact that only 82% of you would NOT play a nonconforming piece of equipment, whether it be a ball, driver or wedge. So watch out for the other 18% if you find yourself in a match against someone who seems awfully long, OK?

  8. And finally, I asked the open-ended question as to which rule you thought was the most absurd for recreational play. We got lots of answers, but here were the most popular:
    1. Stroke and distance for lost ball or OB
    2. Playing the ball as it lies, particularly if it lands in a divot
    3. Playing the same brand/model of ball the entire round
    4. Not being able to fix spike marks on the green

So oobers, that was our first “WedgeGuy” survey. If you have some areas you’d like to know how your fellow golfers feel, let me know and we’ll structure another one. This was fun.

See you Tuesday with another question from a reader. Be sure to send yours in; I always want to address the subjects you would like to hear about.
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I'm not alone!!!
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