Letter To Santa
This is without a doubt my favorite time of year – the last week before Christmas Day. It brings out the best in me, for sure, and my observations that it does the same for most people. Though there are those grinches that just don’t get it. Too bad for them.

My golf pro’s little boy, Nick, is at that age where he really wants to believe in Santa Claus, but then he isn’t real sure. His mom was telling me about his quaking back and forth, and how unsure he was. You probably know kids at the same stage, where it’s maybe not “cool” to believe in Santa, but they aren’t real sure they want to take the risk of expressing disbelief, just in case he really does exist. What a troubling time in a child’s life, trying to differentiate fact from fiction, and determine what you really believe in.

But that made me think of what to ask Santa for Christmas this year. I’m glad outgrew those years of disbelief, and choose to believe completely in the spirit of Santa Claus, and all that is great about this wonderful time of year. So here goes:

Dear Santa,

I think I’ve been a pretty good boy this year, though I know I’ve made my share of mistakes. Hope you weren’t watching all the time, and missed some of those. But in case you did, I’m really sorry for any people I might have slighted because I was too busy at the time. Or those that I didn’t give my best to when they needed it. But I’m really thankful for the wonderful parents that raised me to believe in you (and the Easter Bunny, tooth fairy, etc.) as life would just be too tough without all of you.
For Christmas, I’ve put together a short list, so I hope you can make your way through it in the next week. Time’s a wasting.
1. Continued growth for EIDOLON Golf, as we continue to work hard for it. We’ll be adding staff, creating jobs and helping more golfers’ short games in 2010, so we could use your help.

2. Another year of good health for me and the people close to me. (Thanks for the early gift to my brother – the doctor told him he was “cancer free” last week!!!!)

3. Maybe a little more time to devote to my golf game. It is amazing how growing older makes it harder to keep that handicap down.

4. Sunshine and blue skies on that day this spring or early summer when my fiancé and I tie the knot. It would sure be great if we got one of those Chamber of Commerce days so it could be outside.

5. A fabulous first PGA event so that the golf news can return to the players and their accomplishments and away from the Tiger debacle. Enough is enough.

6. Increased interest in the LPGA, as these ladies deserve it. They work hard and put on a helluva show.

7. Continued inspiration from my readers of The Wedge Guy, so that I can keep them entertained and informed.
I think that’s about it, Santa. I’ll bother God for the really big stuff that I would like to see happen.


Wedge Guy

Merry Christmas to all of you. We’ll give away the last EIDOLON wedge of the year next Tuesday, as I’m going to take the rest of the year off after that.

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k-von says:
Well put, Terry. Merry christmas all!
cheymike says:
Very nice Terry. I hope Santa brings you all the things you asked for. :)
jeremyheslop says:
Lots of truth in there we all could use more of. Merry Christmas! and a happy new year once I get my eidolon wedges! I might have 4 to add to my set. PRIME finish ... sweet.
Sandycant says:
Thanks for including Nick in your blog! I am sure he will do or say something in the future that will be worth mentioning! We wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and a great 2010.
Chosen12b says:
Merry Christmas and love the blog!
falcon50driver says:
I kind of wonder why wish #2. "Another year of good health for me and the people close to me.".........I think you meant to say....."for everyone."
Mookie says:
Not even some new socks? You never know when the PGA might ban the kind you like now.
onedollarwed says:
Tim Horan says:
Health, Wealth and happiness to all you bloggers out there. Have a great festive season.
activesense says:
Great post Terry, I think every oober out there can agree with your sentiment.
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