The "Round Club" Mindset
This post is much more about your feedback than my postulating about something, but let me start the dialog. It’s about what I call “The Round Club Mindset”.

Forever it seems, irons have been designed so that the top line changes from relatively straight from the long irons through the #7, then to a more rounded top line from the #8 through the wedges.

While some iron models vary from this and incorporate a more consistent top line, it is more typical than not, particularly in the more traditional blades and “near-blades” that are more and more common.

My observation is that almost all golfers take on a “round club mindset” when they have an 8-iron or less for their approach shot. Regardless of handicap, it seems that golfers feel like they can now think about hitting the ball closer to the hole than with the longer irons.

Do you agree?

I know in my own game, if I have an 8-iron or less, I’m thinking “good birdie opportunity”.

While I often make birdies with longer irons, that’s really not my mindset when I’m getting ready to hit a 4- to 7-iron to the green. Par is a good score with one of those.

But with an 8-, 9-iron or wedge to the green, I’m thinking of sticking it close. I suspect that almost all golfers have that goal with “the round clubs”, though their definition of “close” may be different.

So, what’s your take on this ?

I’d like to see some good dialog here, so sound off and please click on this link to take this survey.

I'd like to take the survey !

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Byron says:
Hi Terry,

I guess I havent ever thought of it that way. It's true most of us salivate a bit when we mount an attack at the green with the short irons. I am not sure that my affection for the good ole 8 iron is associated with the top line of the club. For me, it just seems as if the 8 is where the feeling of a bit more balance and control begins. Perhaps a combination of the length of the club and a friendlier loft.

Interesting concept tho...maybe we are impacted, at least subconciously, by the top line without really realizing it.
david says:
the round "spoon-like" design of the Eidolon wedges is one of the many appeals over Vokey, Cleveland, and other wedges. I don't like the look of the deep angle of those clubs, narrow at the hosel rising to a high pointed toe.
Pappy says:
Except for one wedge, my current short irons aren't 'round club'. I'm akin to Byron in that it's a more comfortable feeling of control and balance. I suspect the change in club shape would also have a reinforcing effect.

Maybe I'm weird (and maybe it's also a matter of comfort) - but I find that I chip better from 20' or less to the green by using my 5-iron.
wedgeguy says:
I think we are given confidence by the "short iron look". Even the new Pings have drifted away from their old design that gave all irons a straight top line.

Thanks for the kudos, David. We love the compliments on our eye appeal.

And Pappy, chipping with a 5-iron is one of the shots in my bag as well, but it has it's place. When the ball is just off the fringe or the collar is smooth enough to give a predictable bounce and roll, there's nothing wrong with that choice at all.
Pappy says:
Oh, agreed - given those conditions. Being a familiar 'go-to' club doesn't hurt any either.

I got a chance to examine (but not hit - unfortunately) one of your wedges this past weekend. Very nice. And yes - I'll be putting in an order.
Garrett says:
The biggest difference for me is when I have anything from a gap wedge down in my hands. My irons are more of the game improvement type (which I'm also thinking about trading up to a more responsive set soon) and there is a HUGE difference between them and my wedges. Also, I know that once I get a wedge in my hand I can use a more controlled, timed, finesse swing and it really calms me down.
I played a round with my dad today and he noticed it. He said my demeanor even changes once I get inside the red marker. So, yeah, I'm definitely thinking about scoring with my scoring clubs. I'm also thinking about adding a 48* wedge and ditching the one that came with my clubs.
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