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I’m on a four day business trip with my EIDOLON Partner and good friend Ralph Thompson, so I’m going to share a few insights and “ah ha moments” that have already happened.

I flew in yesterday afternoon and we got in a first round of golf at a little course near his home outside Richmond, VA. Ralph helps keep me “grounded” with the rank and file golfer who hasn’t lived this business for nearly 30 years. He always is telling me that I see and know things that the average golfer doesn’t and can’t, so I need to “dumb down” (as he puts it) and help him see and feel things I’m talking about. He was anxious to show off his new development that resulted from our discussions about release (which I have written about here). The light bulb finally went off for him, and he’s hitting it 25-30 yards further off the tee and has picked up at least one full iron in distance on his approaches.

So what’s “the “secret”? He’s allowing his hands to rotate through impact, rather than unhinge at that point in the swing. He’s swinging with less effort and achieving more accuracy and zip to his shots than ever. And is he ever looking forward to playing, even more than usual. There’s nothing like achieving a breakthrough in your golf game to give you back your excitement and passion.

How ‘bout old Tom?

I watched the Open Championship with more excitement than a golf tournament has given me in a very long time. To see Tom Watson at 59 years old take it straight to the kids was a load of fun, and so darn exciting. What other sport could something like this happen? I can’t think of any. I can only imagine what went through his head as the week went on from his opening round that put him in the lead. And I can only imagine the pressure and stress he felt as he played that last hole, knowing that, even though he had been there many times before, he was on the verge of real history-making.

Tears were in my eyes as he hit the perfect drive and then another perfect approach on 18, my heart sunk as the ball rolled off the back edge and down the slope. And I hurt deeply when his approach putt/chip from there rolled past the cup. At that point, I saw something in him that told me he wasn’t going to make that putt, and that he wasn’t going to win the playoff. You could see it in his body language.

But, you know what? To me, him not winning didn’t really tarnish the accomplishment at all. He played great for 72-1/2 holes. He took it right to a very tough golf course and a very strong field of “kids”. And he nearly won the damn thing.

Way to go, Tom!!!!!

New courses.

I’ve written about playing new courses and the things to do to give yourself the best chances of playing well. So I’m going to try to take my advice, as this trip has us playing four days of golf, on four different course, in three states. I’m off to a good start with a 2-over 72 yesterday afternoon. I found this course with soft and rather slow greens that threw me for a while, but by just hanging in there I got the feel and picked up a few birdies late to get me back in it.

We didn’t go to the range and by the fourth or fifth hole I realized that I was just going to hit a strong little power fade today, so I quit trying to work the ball. It’s the old “dance with who brung you” adage from my south Texas roots. If you find a certain shot pattern happening on a day of golf, just go with it.

Well, it’s time to hit the road, so I’ll see you guys and gals later.
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Tim Horan says:
With you on the Watson thing! How fantastic was that? well done Stewart...but the rest was just golf... in a nutshell!
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