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Sometimes these columns are easy to write, sometimes not. I get so many emails from EIDOLON owners, visitors to our site, WedgeGuy readers . . . that when combined with my own experiences pretty much keeps me loaded with topics about golf to write about. But this week has been one of the toughest of my life. My brother was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago, and all the chemotherapy and radiation led to his surgery Wednesday. I’m so very glad to say that he was found cancer-free and they are going to be able to avoid significant reconstructive surgery later. We were all so very relieved, and I do not apologize at all for proclaiming the power of prayer.

Spending the afternoon with him yesterday . . . helping my older brother do something as simple as sit up in bed, or try to stand and take a few steps . . . was sobering to me at the very least. I’ve taken my own good health (knock the heck out of all the wood I can find) for granted for most of my life. And I’m grateful that I’ve avoided hospitals since I broke my leg in a scooter accident when I was 13. But seeing things and people at MD Anderson in Houston woke me up a little . . . or a lot. Seeing children, adults, parents, grandparents all together in helping their family member through an ordeal like this helped keep in mind that power of God and strength of family are the things in life that we can really count on.

I really don’t have anywhere to go with this today . . . it’s just that thinking about golf and a better short game has taken a back seat this week. Hope you understand.

And I hope you all will take seriously the preventive care and early detection resources that our medical community has developed. Guys, have yourself checked for prostate cancer. And all of you, have yourselves checked for colon/rectal cancer, breast exams, etc. Many cancers are treatable, curable and highly preventive if caught early, and will kill you if not.

We are all grasping for rationale in all this, and there is none. I’m sure I’ll be back to somewhat normal as the weekend progresses and I’ll be picking a question for Tuesday’s column. Thanks for understanding and giving me the day off today, though.

God bless you all.
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greendevil says:
I'm so glad to hear that your brother is cancer-free; I'm praying for a speedy recovery.
bducharm says:
Terry, our prayers go out to your Brother and your family!!! May God lay His hands on your Brother and have divine healing!!! Put your trust and faith in Him - He is the way, the truth, and the light!!!
Ben Crane says:
Terry, thanks for the uplifting report and the wonderful news.
urbangolflegend says:
Great post. I am a golf professional who specailizes in club fitting and teaching. Sometime I get all wrapped up in what shaft goes with what head in what position during the downswing. These are very meaningless issues compared to what you are writing about.
Played with our other assistant who played his first round today after having a heart attack, stroke and dying briefly on the emergency room table. He's one of the top players in our section. He kept telling me how happy he was to be out playing play even though he played well below his ability.
Any you are right, prayer does work!
MJKern44 says:

Hang in there. Sounds like things are getting better and I'm sure your brother appreciates your help more than he can describe. Take care and try to have a great weekend.
jeffbnva says:
Amen! Golf is a game. Life is real. That's what matters the most. Great news about your brother.
Tim Horan says:
Great news that your brother is cancer free. I do a lot of work in and around hospitals and it is very easy to get numbed to the emotion charged atmosphere and take for granted not only the consultants, doctors and nursing staff and their needs but also your own health and how it effects your loved ones. I wish you and yours the very best, a speedy recovery to your brother and big thankyou to all healthcare staff world wide.
T-Houge says:
Amen. May God continue to heal your brother and bless you all.
Lerxst says:
Its good to hear that the he is cancer free. I empathize as cancer has ravaged my family. My wife is about 3/4 through her chemo/rad treatments and both my mother and father have passed away because of this wreched disease. I will also say God bless and heal your brother, but I like to be a little more specific and say may Jesus bless and heal you and yours!
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