Hit It Like A Girl!
Last weekend our club hosted a women's collegiate event and we had 14 teams of talented young ladies tee it up. On Saturday, we started the festivities with a College/Am Tournament, pairing two amateurs with two collegians. Some teams, including mine, had a third collegian along, as this was also their practice round. My partner and I were fortunate to play with three very nice and very impressive young ladies from the University of Kansas.

It was obvious from the very first hole that these ladies can really play. And they hit it plenty long. It is really a test of your ego and manhood to have 18-20 year old girls hit it past you off the tee and play into the green with the same iron you have in your hands. What it proves is that sound fundamentals, good timing in the golf swing and dead center impact combine to deliver a lot more power to the golf ball than brute strength alone.

I want to very publicly thank Meghan Potee, Meghna Bal and Fong Boonraksasat for an enjoyable afternoon of golf, and for giving me my 2011 inspiration as I work on my game hard for the first time in a number of years:

I want to hit it like a girl!

(At least like you three girls.)

All three of these young ladies had impeccable timing and rhythm to their golf swings. Their fundamentals were extremely sound and their release through impact was impeccable. The result is the most efficient delivery of the clubhead to the ball that is possible, and therefore they got maximum leverage and utility from their body strength.

I’m not talking about big strong girls here, either. Meghan is a tall, wispy young lady from Indiana who has a long flowing swing, reminiscent to me of Beth Daniels in her prime. Both Fong and Meghna – who came to Kansas from Thailand and India, respectively – are shorter, and have more compact swings that work beautifully. Fhong has the strongest body core and was the longest of the three on most holes; her swing was a model of efficient power. Meghna is shorter but takes a controlled approach to dicing up the golf course; she finished third individually in the event, leading her team to a 2nd place finish. All three were very straight and played with emotional control that was advanced for their age in my opinion. I will watch the University of Kansas this year to see how these young ladies mature and improve.

As I’ve visited with other members of the club this week, all had similar praise for the young ladies they played with on Saturday. It was a pleasure for all of us, but the lesson I took away is that my practice needs to focus on sound fundamentals, a solid release through impact, impeccable rhythm and timing and dead solid impact.

For some time now, I’ve thought the LPGA presented a better show for most of us amateurs, and these young ladies just confirmed that. Maybe it’s just me, but watching the young guns on the PGA Tour bomb drives 300+, hit 8-irons from 165 or more and just attack golf courses isn’t that enjoyable. I like the surgical approach to golf, hitting great golf shots and dissecting each hole to yield pars and birdies. The ladies do that better than anyone, in my opinion. And they do it with a strong reliance on great swings with great fundamentals.

Few amateurs will ever play like the guys on the PGA Tour, but if we can emulate what the ladies have to teach us, all of us would hit better golf shots and drop our handicaps.

At least that’s my $0.02 worth!!!!

photo source- Kansas Women's Golf Facebook!
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bducharm says:
You know what is funny Terry, I actually took that approach the last time I played. I have about 15 inches of intestines taken out just over 3 weeks ago. I have been chipping and putting but no real full swings until this past Wednesday. I went to the range and took about 15 wedges swings and a couple of driver swing - VERY easy and slow. I went out to play 9 holes and shot the easiest even par 36 I think I ever have. I missed 2 fairways (one by 2 feet) and hit 8 greens. If I would have rolled it better, I might have shot nothing. Every swing was taken with one though in mind - don't rip anything in your stomach! It worked.
Kurt the Knife says:
u got what it takes....


good 2 know you're recovering well enough to play again.
Banker85 says:
nice Kurt. lol

I want to golf so bad! i can see the grass, the snow is gone!
carv712 says:
Why does everyone give their 2 cents but its only a penny for your thoughts. Inflation is such a bitch.
HLA says:
January 2010 I underwent lumbar disk surgery, 3 months later I started to simulate a golf swing, despite having less distance than before, in Sep I scored my best round ever, I was focused on the basics in order to keep my back safe, there may be some truth to it :D
bducharm says:
@HLA - good for you - take care of that back!!!
cjgiant says:
I always thought a higher percentage of women who golf had good swings. I think my impressions were based off similar things that WG mentions: attention to the details of swing and position throughout, and mostly rhythm.

Not all women who have nice golf swings are good golfers, but I have always thought their swing gave them potential. When you see a bad male golfer out there, you can usually spot that his swing isn't right (even if not exactly how). I usually find it harder to do with a female golfer. Maybe I am paying attention to the wrong details.
Bryan K says:
Hi, Terry. You might want to update the ad banner at the top right of the page. I just clicked on it to buy me some $79 Eidelon wedges to find that they have gone back up to $99 with the oobgolf promo. Of course, if you're willing to extend the promo for an extra day or two, I just might bite.
onedollarwed says:
I always surprised that the women I play with in public aren't better scorers. At first this sounds sexist, but is the opposite and mirrors Terry's observations. There is nothing that golf requires of us that a little extra bulk provides (though a friend claims that chopping out of a deep rough requires a prohibitive amount of strength). It's just a siciological fact that more men play, just a numbers things - like the USA trying to compete in world soccer (most kids stop playing after youth programs cease).
So when I play with a woman and she has no clue on the green I get pissed - putting isn't macho!!! C'mon you can do better than that! But that same woman has usually just picked up the game and is just trying to have a good time, like any guy would.
Terry, do you have any numbers as far as gender participation? Or when most women take up the game? There will be that woman who gets to the top of the golf world one day and I won't be at all surprised - for the reasons Terry stated.
wedgeguy says:
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Bryan K says:
Thank you, Terry. Got my order in today.
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