Wedge Options and Scoring Secrets
At the risk of sounding like a “wedge salesman”, (Oh, wait, that’s what I am !), I want to share some of the benefits of carrying four wedges – in my case a 48, 52, 56 and 60. As you know, I’m a big proponent of fewer “distance” clubs and more wedges. So let me address the two major reasons why:

1) More full swing options in prime scoring range.

Regardless of your handicap, any golf course is really scored from short iron and wedge range. And it is so much easier when you have options on shots from your normal pitching wedge range on it to the flag. For example, in my game, my standard pitching wedge is about 115-17 yards, gap wedge 100-02, sand wedge 86-88 and lob wedge 72-75. Depending on the shot requirements, I can always grip down 1” or so on the next longer club and get a lower trajectory for any distance. With our SCoR Method, you quickly learn to hit 2—3 different shots with each wedge with the same swing. Having those options on all your prime-distance scoring shots is a wonderful advantage.

2) More simple options around the greens.

Carrying four wedges has changed my whole approach to scoring around the greens. Instead of having one “go to” wedge for all my scoring shots, I'll take two or even three from the cart to go over and survey my options when I miss a green. Then I can size up the shot to allow me to make the simplest swing possible.  Uphill lie ? Take a lower loft. Ball sitting up ? Lower loft. Not much green ? Sand or Lob. Need some roll out ? Pitching or gap . . . and so on. When you have options, you can learn one basic pitching swing/stroke, and hit lots of different shots with it.

So, those are the advantages. Here’s how to capitalize on them.

First of all, go to the range with your wedges and practice making the same full swing with each, noting the trajectory and relative distance each produces for you. Once you do that, go out on the course and hit some shots side-by-side with each and step off the distances. I cover this whole method in my book, “The SCoR Method” ( It’s available for $9.95 on ). I guarantee that this investment of your time will be one of the best you ever make ... if not the best ever.

Then, again, on the range, get in a “groove” on a short pitching swing/stroke – a shot of 20 yards or so at the most – and make the same swing/stroke with each of your wedges. When I do this, I hit shots from the back of the tee line to the front, or even side to side if it’s not crowded. Observe the trajectory and apparent spin with each to get that in your “memory bank”. That way, when you face a shot around the greens, you can picture the trajectory that is required, and pull that shot from your memory and practice.

So, there you have it. Your wedges can allow you to have a whole repertoire of scoring shots, with very simple technique. Let me know if you’d like me to go into more detail on any of this.

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Mike says:
Hey Terry,

I play four of your wedges, too - 48, 52, 56 and 60.

The 48 is miles ahead of the PW that came with my Ping i3's as far as accuracy and hitting it the same distance every time. Spin's better, too.

And I love my 56 more than should be allowed !

But the best part of this post and the thing that took 7 strokes off my handicap was your book, The SCoR Method !

Being able to hit several shots with each wedge, different distances and different trajectories made me fall in love with golf all over again.

Now all I have to do is hit the ball to 135 yards or closer and I'm armed and dangerous with an EIDOLON wedge !

My buddies hate to see me chipping, as well, cause they know I'm gonna be close or jar it !

Thanks for the lifetime of short game knowledge you shared in your book. It was easier getting yours in minutes, rather than taking a lifetime to learn all that.
wedgeguy says:
Duffy, Please accept my apology. To date, the stickers have been placed in the back of the SCoR books, but apparently yours slipped out and got lost. We're sending you some today via mail. Thanks for tipping us off to a problem -- we now adhere those to the inside back cover. I would appreciate a personal email to me regarding your experience with "several requests" -- can you tell me how (email, phone?) and to whom you directed them? That will help us continue to polish our customer service.

Bill Garden says:
Terry: I play four wedges as well, including a 52, 56 and 60, but my PW came with my set of irons and is only a 47. I am buying your SCoR method to help my wedge play, but what am I missing out by having a set-built 47 instead of a custom made 48 wedge? (hint: I'm trying to justify a purchase of Eidolon wedges and need some help!)
wedgeguy says:
Bill, thanks for lobbing up the "softball", and I hope you do choose our 48* as your Pitching Wedge. My answer to your question has to do with the design of the pitching wedges in most sets. As I wrote some time back, the pitching wedge is not the 10th iron, but the first wedge. As a scoring tool, it needs to have a sole designed for handling various lies, grooves that optimize spin and a shaft that maximizes feel. There also needs to be mass behind impact to give you the impact consistency and trajectory control you need at that range. Most sets of irons fail in one or more of those categories.

As for your "justification" for an EIDOLON 48*, I'd guess the success you are having with the other three would be enough, right?
blue_crush says:
I play 3 wedges as my older ping 9ir is 46.5* already and my pw is 51 leaving me a sw/55 and a lob/60... the trick is to be able to practice all of them at least twice a week in my mind, to many loose touch with that short game inside of 80yds or so and the 2nd half of green side wedge play and putting that one close. its true that GIR will score, buy when you miss the greens and are just yds off the back or front, that is where you can save par...
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
I play with four wedges as well. 48, 52, 56, & 60. My pitching wedge is part of the set I bought last year. I almost always chip with my lob wedge. If I need more roll, I hood the face of the club. I should probably practice more often with my other wedges when chipping. It would knock a stroke or two from my HC. A matching set of wedges would do nicely as well.
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