Fulton Allem
EIDOLON Scores on The Champions Tour!
Fulton Allem Discovers EIDOLON and Almost Wins at Allianz.

While we often get asked if anyone on tour uses our wedges, we’re a little company and we’ve never gone out there to try to compete with the major brands’ big checkbooks. But we’ve built some wedges for mini-tour players, and one of them -- Scott Willoughby – has become a huge ambassador of EIDOLON V-SOLE wedges. He’s a lefty, but carries a set of right handed wedges with him to show other professionals whom he knows and works with.

Well, two weeks ago, Scott was on a range in South Florida and ran into Fulton Allem. Fulton asks him what’s new and he shows him his EIDOLON wedges, to which Fulton shows great interest. Scott gets his right hand demos, and after ten minutes, Fulton tells him, “you’re not getting these back.”

Well, Fulton qualifies that next Monday for the Allianz Championship (he’s not exempt) and almost wins the damn thing, finishing one shot behind winner Mike Goodes, and picks up a check for $150,000!

All with wedges that were built stock by EIDOLON as demos, and he had used them only a week!

Hope you guys don’t mind me bragging to you, but companies that chase tour players usually don’t even see these results. It seems that when you build a product as good as we are here at EIDOLON, the tour players will come find you.
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Kickntrue says:
Congrats Terry! That's awesome for you!
Ben Crane says:
I've taken my Christmas gift Eidolons into the back yard so far and have been hitting them every evening. I've found I have much better control with them over my previous wedges. Thanks for a great product and congrats on the near win for Eidolon.
Tim Horan says:
I have been playing Eidolon wedges for about six months now and once you get over the initial differences between these and ordinary wedges you begin to see how good they are. I found it difficult at first from sand not knowing for sure whether they were going to dig or bounce. With only a slight adjustment in feet position I quickly got the hang of it. Tight lies is where they really excel and the spin created is pretty awesome. Well done Terry, the Eidolon team and well done Fulton Allem.
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
Congratulations, Terry! That is great news! Can't wait to get mine!!
Dale Alsandor says:
Congratulations Terry, I suggest Eidolon to all of my pals... I have been trouncing them too! Finally last week my regular playing partner says to me.... I am going to invest in Eidolon Wedges which one should I purchase? I told him that he should purchase at least 3 wedges if not 4....

Great Wedge, Terry I am looking forward to seeing the oil can finish.
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