EIDOLON Finishes T6 at Augusta
The contest is over guys, and we had 42 correct guesses as to who the EIDOLON “mystery pro” was.

He carried EIDOLON wedges into the biggest tournament of the year and his decision paid off with a T6 finish, only 4 shots out of the playoff, and a $242,000 payday. Of course, because he’s under contract with another equipment company, we can’t mention his name, but he was the low scorer for the weekend (68-67), and holed out a marvelous wedge shot for an eagle at #2 on Sunday to get his round kick-started.

EIDOLON wedges earned their way into the bag of this top level pro because they are just “that good”. And we’ve got another half dozen top tier pros working with our wedges now, after seeing this kind of performance. Who knows? EIDOLON just might become the next big “sleeper” out there. We do know for sure that recreational and competitive golfers of all handicap levels – just like you – are finding out that EIDOLON’s patented V-SOLE technology, CNC-milled faces and grooves, premium shafts and SCoR grips combine to give you the finest scoring tools in the game.

So, the contest is over and our winner is Ron S. of Scott City, KS. Ron wins a set of 3 custom-built EIDOLON V-SOLE wedges. Thanks for participating. We had over 500 entries!!!!!

But to celebrate this milestone in our short history, EIDOLON Golf will be offering for the rest of April only a special discount to all WedgeGuy readers of $20 on any EIDOLON single wedge, matched pair or full set of 3 or 4 wedges. That puts an EIDOLON or two in your bag for only $109 each, the same as the best street price on an “off-the-rack” wedge from any other major brand. And as always, we back each and every one with our Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t like it, we’ll buy you any other wedge on the market you think you’d like better.

Put “SF20” in the field marked Promotional Code.

Thanks for playing along with us this week guys. We’ll be back next Tuesday with another reader question and wedge winner.
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theghost25 says:
Thats awesome!!!

I just recieved my 52* and 56* wedges today. I fthey play as good as they look you have another satisfied customer for sure

Thanks for the great product
Eric Duquene says:
42... the answer to everything... to those who dont get that. It's a reference to Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
mantajim says:
Terry can't, but I can.
Steve Flesch
speedlover1994 says:
Well, I got home from school today and saw the Eidolon box sitting right outside my door. I rushed up to it and brought it inside. I tore open the packaging and excitedly took out the club, only to find out it's a righty club...I'm a lefty... :(

What a let down.
speedlover1994 says:
Just got off the phone with them, and I must say, they were very gracious. Overall a fine experience for what seems to be a great product! Still highly recommended.
dustin2777 says:
These Wedges are terrific, I put the Vokey's in the garage after taking the Eidolon's 55* and 59* to the course just once. Top notch sticks
dottomm says:
I love! love! love! my 60 degree. I look forward to missing the green now and seeing how close I can get to chipping in. Great clubs!!!!
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