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Report from the PGA Show

Our experience in Orlando last week was nothing short of awesome. At the demo day on Wednesday, we were covered up from the opening bell. In fact, Titleist® and many others were packed up and gone, and we still had golf professionals and retail buyers hitting shots with our SCOR4161 wedges and short irons – and the reaction was almost always the same – “WOW!”

From the start of the show itself on Thursday morning until closing at 3:00 Saturday, it was more of the same. Numerous times we didn’t have enough of us in the booth to talk to all the interested pros. We fitted several tour professionals – Champions, LPGA, Futures and Nationwide – and one of the most high-profile teachers in the game declared that “these are the best looking wedges I’ve ever seen.” (Sorry, I cannot give out names here, you understand.)

We got tons of interest from the top retail buyers in the country, international distributors and golf professionals from around the world. There is no question that SCOR4161 is a news-maker. You might have already seen some media interviews, and there are more coming in the weeks ahead. This product and its innovative, rule-breaking approach to scoring clubs has made an impact.

We also learned that the big boys are watching and noticing. Tour pros have taken our wedges into at least two of the top brand tour shops asking to get something like it. And we saw more than one bunch of gawkers at our booth wearing badges from other brands, large and small alike.

It’s highly likely that we won’t be able to build enough wedges to meet the demand we’ve generated, but we’re ramping up quickly. Watch the blog and Facebook for pics of our new facility within a month or two, and get in line for your very own SCOR4161 scoring clubs. Buy direct at www.scorgolf.com, or have your pro or favorite retailer get in touch with us, because this is gonna be a wild ride.

But enough raving about what we’ve done. Let’s get on with helping all of you score better. Just send your question or topic suggestion to ask@thewedgeguy.com and it will be considered, and you’ll be entered. If you have more than one, send them in and increase your chances.
The Wedge Guy is sponsored by SCOR Golf, where Terry Koehler is President/CEO. He encourages you to submit your questions or topics to be considered for his columns on Tuesdays and Fridays. Each submission automatically enters you to win a SCOR4161 wedge to be given away monthly. Click the button below to submit your question or topic today.

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mtgolfidiot says:
Well done, Wedge Guy. Here's my question. I have limited practice time (about 60 minutes per week). I know that the surest way to lower my score is to practice my short game. However, that is a wide ranging statement (chipping, pitching, sand, putting and all the variations within). How would you break down a weekly, 1 hour short game practice session to make it the best use of your time?

Thanks and keep up the good work.
k-von says:
Congrats, Terry, on all the buzz you guys have generated over the past couple weeks. It seems like you really hit it out of the park last week - good on ya!
SteveMM says:
Here's a question for you: You talk a lot about the loft and type of wedge/iron/etc., but what about the grips? How much difference can a good quality grip make in your swing? Also, how do you tell what thickness grip you need? I had an instructor tell me that due to my larger hands I should really get my clubs re-gripped with at least a medium width grip.
Mr_X says:
Congrats Terry on all of the excitement your clubs are getting. You've designed and built a great product! My topic request is about ongoing practice. The popular advice is to not work on your swing before or during a round. Our time at the range and practice green before a game should just be to warm up and observe the swing tendencies and conditions of the day. We should try to get into the groove - not redefine the groove! That leaves us with post round practice and off days at the range to practice. Another mantra in golf is we should only work on one specific aspect of the game at a time.
Mr_X says:
I do enjoy working on my game, but often find myself working on everything on any given day: sand, putting, long game, shot shape, etc. I am not getting the level of improvement I hope for. I never had the benefit of a golf coach or structured practice. The lessons I have had had been limited to full swing only. I am hoping to find a routine I can slowly work though to make sure all of the shots in my bag in good working order. Can you recommend a schedule of maybe 4 - 6, 60 minute practice sessions we could work on over the course of a month. And with each, if you could give us some ideas for drills and performance benchmarks you like? I know a little more structure to my practice time would yield better results! Thanks!!!
meatball413 says:
how do u make the ball spin on the green?
Banker85 says:
He prob wants everyone to email your questions. Glad to hear the success of SCOR at the PGA show! I know we will see the "big" brands trying to copy this idea soon.
GBogey says:
Mr_X - I am hesitant to offer advice, but I find that to really improve a part of my game it has to become the only thing that I work on. When I wanted to improve my short game, that was all I practiced for at least a month. Right now I'm working on driving and so I devote 1/2 to 2/3's of each session to driving, nothing else (I try to reserve at least a third for short game at all times). Works for me.
Mr_X says:
GBogey - I do appreciate the feedback. Last year I had a few rounds early where sand shots failed to get out of the bunker. A couple felt like concrete and/or had wet sand. But after a while I got nervous about going to the beach. By May I was fed up! I spent 5 hours working on ever bunker shot I could imagine. My confidence and consistency improved. I holed out from traps twice last year. From that point on I never spent more than 20 minutes in the sand when I practiced. I understand your thinking. If something is not working I should focus on it until it is fixed. I also agree that half of your practice time should be spent the short game.
Mr_X says:
But what about stuff that is not broken, just average? I hit some great golf shots last year. And, I hit them the way I planned to hit them! I have driven par 4 greens, hit low shots into a 20 MPH headwind that nudged up to the pin, holed out from 50 yards and sank a 20 putts from over 25 feet. But, in the same year I have duck hooked half a dozen drives for 50 yards, shanked wedges (that drives me CRAZY!!!!), top 3 woods and four putted from less than 25 feet.

Let's say I only have 20 shots in my bag. How can can move from 70% success on a shot to 80%? Or, how can I make my misses less drastic? The reason I asked for a suggested outline is I would rather work on shots in the Spring before I see them on the course. I think I am going to draw up some outline of shots to work on and generate some performance numbers on my own.
mjh116 says:
Congrats on the PGA show! I'm a new member and have a couple questions for you. Would the mizuno mp 58 count as a blade or more of a cavity back? I have always loved the appearance of blades at address but always told, "your crazy,it'll hurt your game." If not there were other blades listed and I'll look at those again. Most importantly, is there anywhere local in south Florida that I could demo the scor wedges! I love the idea and I would absolutely love to try them. Looking forward to your reply! Thanks!
BAKE_DAWG40 says:
Glad to hear it Terry! Great job! Can't wait for you to announce the left-handed models next month!
woobwoob says:
Care to address the flop shot? That's one of my goals for this year
downthemiddle says:
OK wedge guy, I've got one for you.
How do I take excess spin off my full wedge shots?
The greens at my home course have become so soft, I'm spinning the ball back with 7 irons a few feet on occasion.
Wedges on full swings? Forget about it, at least 20 feet of backspin.
By "full" swing I mean at 70% of maximum. I never try to hit a wedge shot any harder than that with any of my 4 wedges.
The 54 carries 95 yards, the 58 goes 85.
My handicap has went from a 2 last summer now to a 6 on my home course because I can't control the spin with the 2 most lofted in my bag.
It's an awful feeling standing between 95 and 75 yards knowing I can carry the ball the right yardage, hitting a nice crisp shot that lands within 10ft of the hole, and watching it come zipping back off the middle of the green into a bunker, or worse yet the water!
I currently use Vokey SMCC in my 54 and 58, which are conforming.
Help me get back to a 2 handicap!!!
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