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Stratford, CT Golf Courses
Stratford has 3 golf facilities. Listed below is each club listed in alphabetical order.
Nearby Courses
Brooklawn Country Club
Fairfield, CT (5 miles)
D. Fairchild Wheeler Golf Course
Fairfield, CT (6 miles)
Orchards Golf Course
Milford, CT (6 miles)
H Smith Richardson Golf Course
Fairfield, CT (7 miles)
Grassy Hill Country Club
Orange, CT (8 miles)
Brownson Country Club
Huntington, CT (8 miles)
South Pine Creek Golf Course
Fairfield, CT (8 miles)
Country Club of Fairfield
Fairfield, CT (8 miles)
Highland Golf Club
Shelton, CT (9 miles)
Patterson Club
Fairfield, CT (9 miles)
Private Mill River Country Club  
4567 Main St
203 375 9001
Private Oronoque Country Club  
385 Oronoque Ln
203 377-6307
Public Short Beach Golf Course  
1 Dorne Dr
203 381 2070