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Brownstown, MI Golf Courses
Brownstown has 2 golf facilities. Listed below is each club listed in alphabetical order.
Nearby Courses
Wesburn Golf Club
South Rockwood, MI (2 miles)
Woodside Meadows Course
Romulus, MI (3 miles)
Willow Metropark
New Boston, MI (5 miles)
Carleton Glen Golf Club
Carleton, MI (5 miles)
Riverview Highlands Golf Club
Riverview, MI (6 miles)
Water's Edge Country Club
Grosse Ile, MI (6 miles)
Grosse Ile Golf & Country Club
Grosse Ile, MI (6 miles)
Thorne Brothers at Lilac Golf Course
Newport, MI (6 miles)
West Shore Golf & Country Club
Grosse Ile, MI (7 miles)
Lakes of Taylor Golf Club
Taylor, MI (7 miles)
Public Lake Erie Metropark Golf Course  
32481 W. Jefferson
734 379 5020
Public Sultana Par-3  
22201 Pennsylvania Rd
734 285 7480