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Clifton, NJ Golf Courses
Clifton has 1 golf facility. Listed below is each club listed in alphabetical order.
Nearby Courses
Glen Ridge Country Club
Glen Ridge, NJ (3 miles)
Forest Hill Field Club
Bloomfield, NJ (4 miles)
Hendricks Field Golf Course
Belleville, NJ (5 miles)
Montclair Golf Club
Montclair, NJ (5 miles)
Preakness Valley Golf Course
Wayne, NJ (5 miles)
Green Brook Country Club
North Caldwell, NJ (6 miles)
Essex Fells Country Club
Essex Fells, NJ (6 miles)
Arcola Country Club
Paramus, NJ (6 miles)
Mountain Ridge Country Club
West Caldwell, NJ (7 miles)
Crestmont Country Club
West Orange, NJ (7 miles)
Private Upper Montclair Country Club  
177 Hepburn Rd
973 779 7505