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Fillmore, UT Golf Courses
Fillmore has 1 golf facility. Listed below is each club listed in alphabetical order.
Nearby Courses
Cove View Golf Course
Richfield, UT (20 miles)
Sunset View Golf Course
Delta, UT (30 miles)
Palisades Golf Course
Sterling, UT (39 miles)
Canyon Breeze Golf Course
Beaver, UT (50 miles)
Canyon Hills Park Golf Course
Nephi, UT (58 miles)
Millsite Golf Course
Ferron, UT (61 miles)
Skyline Mountain Resort
Fairview, UT (65 miles)
Gladstan Golf Club
Payson, UT (80 miles)
Garrison Creek Golf Course
Garrison, MN (81 miles)
Spanish Oaks Golf Course
Spanish Fork, UT (86 miles)
Public Paradise Golf Resort  
905 North main
435 743-4439