- Bag Boy

  nedrob - 10/31/09
This is my first cart and I love it. I can fold and unfold it with one hand! It tracks perfectly straight even on the uneven hills. The parking brake is convenient and super easy to use. An added benefit, and one that I never would have thought about prior to actual use, is that when I fold it up and put the cart into the well of my minivan, it becomes the perfect stabalizer for the golf bag, holding it perfectly still and at a nice 45 degree angle.

Since this is the first cart I've owned, I did a lot of comparison shopping and I really had trouble making a decision among the top carts that are available. While some of the other carts seemed to have more bells and whistles, it was the ease of use that got me do pull the trigger on the bagboy and I have absolutely no regrets.
  BigM - 7/23/12
  yellowducky - 9/1/10
  jev - 7/29/10
  tmenneke3 - 8/29/09
  soebo - 8/19/09
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