3DX Tour Square 460cc

  - Nickent
With the new 3DX Tour Square, better players can reap the benefits of Nickent's proven Total Accuracy Control technology. The 3DX Tour Square is a neutral setup square design that features a black ion plated PVD finish. The Tour Square has a more penetrating ball flight than the other square drivers on the market and golfers testing it are claiming that it is the longest distance square driver. No matter who you are, the 3DX Tour Square can help you gain distance and hit the ball straight off the tee.
  Yankee25 - 12/29/08
Excellent Driver.......great sound!
  bjthegolfer - 12/1/08
wonderful club when you want a nice long shot off the tee. a bit loud but very fun to use.
  edlcarr - 7/26/10
  canuckgolfer - 12/1/09
  Dylan Shum-Drake - 6/9/09
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Average Handicap: 15.6
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